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How to plan a safe and secure New Year’s Eve firework show in OnePlan

New Year's Eve Sydney

As the year draws to a close, event organizers are gearing up for one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year – New Year’s Eve! The annual event is known across the globe for its spectacular firework shows. These events require meticulous planning and diligent work to stay within community guidelines.

Thankfully with OnePlan’s all-in-one planning software, event planners have the tools they need to create a successful New Year’s Eve firework event.

Here are 5 tips on how OnePlan can help you plan a safe and memorable New Year’s Eve event!

New Year's Eve London

Crowd safety management

Effective crowd management is paramount at New Year’s Eve firework shows due to the high volume of attendees. Crowd management strategies help prevent overcrowding, maintain clear pathways for emergency exits, and minimize the risk of accidents or incidents.

Calculating Crowd Capacity in OnePlan

Crowd barriers are critical for events as they establish clear boundaries, guiding the flow of attendees and preventing overcrowding, which is vital for safety. Event planners should strategically place barriers to manage crowd dynamics, ensuring a controlled and secure environment that enhances the overall safety and experience of event attendees. OnePlan’s toolbar includes a range of different crowd barriers, including the standard 2.2-meter steel barricade. In one click, map out the space where barriers are needed and OnePlan will automatically calculate the number of barriers needed for your event.

Intelligent crowd area tool in OnePlan for event planning

With OnePlan’s crowd management tools, event planners can create well-coordinated crowd control measures. OnePlan includes tools that help organizers plan designated viewing areas, controlled entry points, and crowd capacity calculators that can chart or map out a precise area and calculate the capacity. The crowd capacity calculator allows you to change density, from 1 person per square meter to 5. This allows organizers to test out different event layouts and space configurations, ensuring you have adequate space and the best layout possible for fluid and functional crowd management. As we ring in the new year, prioritizing crowd management is key to creating a festive environment that is both memorable and secure.

Firework launch area

Selecting the right location for launching fireworks is an important decision for event planners, holding great implications for both the success of the show and the safety of the audience. A well-chosen area ensures that the fireworks display is visible from various vantage points, enhancing the overall experience for attendees. Equally crucial, careful consideration must be given to safety factors, including maintaining a safe distance between the fireworks launch site and the audience. Use OnePlan’s area tools to properly section off the areas and distance between the firework launch area and spectator sections. This strategic planning not only guarantees a visually stunning show but also prioritizes the well-being of the event-goers, making the choice of launch area a key element in the execution of any fireworks display.

Safety first

security pack

Ringing in the New Year brings large crowds, posing the challenging task of the safety of individuals. Ensuring a safe and secure environment is crucial to the overall success of the event. Thankfully OnePlan’s security features have been designed in collaboration with former police specialists and security experts specifically for event planners.

Our Security Pack offers over 50 objects to plan a safe and secure event including, high-visibility mobile (HVM) barriers, CCTV coverage, police force, security checkpoints and key-point icons to identify areas that require special attention.

Emergency access points are crucial to events as they provide a designated pathway for swift response teams to reach critical areas in case of unforeseen incidents. Event planners prioritize these access points to ensure the safety of attendees, enabling quick and efficient emergency interventions when necessary.

Increase safety measures by implementing security checkpoints. These checkpoints are essential for events as they act as the first line of defense, helping event planners regulate access and prevent unauthorized entry. By strategically placing security checkpoints, planners can ensure the safety of attendees, deter potential threats, and create a secure environment for everyone to enjoy the event.

Event Security

Event planners should coordinate with local authorities and local government to ensure seamless collaboration and adherence to regulations, enhancing the overall safety and success of the event. By working closely with local authorities, planners can navigate permits, address potential logistical challenges, and obtain valuable insights that contribute to the smooth execution of the event within the community.

Event sharing and management

Keeping up-to-date with suppliers, vendors, and stakeholders can be difficult for large events. With OnePlan’s collaborative features, event organizers can seamlessly communicate with their team and others. These real-time updates allow for instant feedback and facilitate smooth coordination, ensuring that everyone is on the same page as the event takes shape.

Presentation Export

OnePlan allows organizers to share their event plans using the presentation export feature saving your plans as a PDF and allowing you to share or view on any different device or platform. Use the label and lock features on folders, located in your placed objects in your toolbar, to hide specific categories, objects, and labels to share with relevant partners. These features will surely impress stakeholders, vendors, and local authorities!

The view-only links and vendor management tools can also help event planners to streamline the communication process. The view-only link gives planners the ability to generate a shareable view-only link to your event plan, so that anyone can open it without modifying your event plans. Share the event plan with local authorities, they can gain access to the event plan without having to login, what a game changer! Using the vendor management features allows event planners to input information on each object placed such as: vendor name, cost, availability, power requirements and much more.

Dot planning

Dot Planning in OnePlan

Determining how many staff members, security, and volunteers needed for an event may be overwhelming. With OnePlan’s dot planning features, event organizers can ensure precise coordination, allowing planners to visualize the entire event layout and optimize the placement of each security worker, policeman, volunteer, ticket worker and more for maximum impact.

Easily place multiple workforce workers and infrastructure all in one go with the multi-drop feature. Simply choose your tent or workforce, hold ‘Shift’ and continue clicking to automatically place them onto your event plan one after the other. Instantly see what their What3Words is never second guess where staff and volunteers need to be again!

No matter where you are planning a New Year’s Eve celebration, it’s important to plan for the safety and security of attendees.  

With OnePlan you can plan your city’s New Year’s Eve celebration, making sure you ring in the new year seamlessly and safely! Sign up for free today.

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