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Plan Festival sites

Develop event and site plans that fulfil your client’s needs and prepare for every eventuality.

Plan Road events

OnePlan is used by World Triathlon and many sports organizations to simplify event planning and management.
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Plan Venue Operations

Plan venues and major events  in OnePlan and our hyper-realistic Venue Twin, including importing your existing CAD.

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OnePlan is a collaborative, real-time platform that provides the full suite of event planning, design and management tools. It combines the best characteristics of CAD with up-to-date mapping technology in one easy-to-use solution. 

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Tools to Plan your Event Site

OnePlan Triathlon Event Plan

Choose your Map: up-to-date satellite maps

Place Christmas tree on event plan in OnePlan

Place Infrastructure: Barriers, Tents & more

Dot planning in OnePlan

Dot Planning: Position staff & volunteers

Event site zones in OnePlan

Crowd Management across your site's zones

Exit Calculator in OnePlan

Social Distancing: Arrival & Exit calculators

Traffic Management in OnePlan

Traffic Management in and outside your event site

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Currently using screenshots in Powerpoint, or designing your event site on the back of a napkin? Switch to our low-cost, easy to use solution so you can plan like a pro.

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Work with every member of your team as you create, plan, assess, review, adapt, manage and deliver your event.

Eliminate the need for multiple documents, the use of incompatible software, and the reliance on outdated maps and images.

OnePlan centralises and automates event planning and management with a dashboard of reports including an automated Bill of Quantities.

With a low-cost monthly subscription, OnePlan gives you all the event planning, design and management tools you and your stakeholders need.

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What Are You

Cycling road event

Road Events

The quickest way to coordinate your marathon, triathlon, carnival or parade. View, edit and share in real-time.
Outdoor festival at night

Outdoor Festivals

Plan and manage your fencing, barriers, crowd control, camping, parking, staging, vendors and security from a single source.

Plan in Venue Twin

Venue Twin is the hyper-realistic way to plan events and monetise your real venue. It reduces costs, cuts carbon emissions and increases revenue.

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