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OnePlan gives event suppliers the opportunity to work with organisers as they design their event sites.

"We love OnePlan! It has helped us identify a completely different way to use our site and the most efficient way to get full capacity."

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Event services and products

Add your inventory to OnePlan

Let OnePlan promote your products and services to event managers and venues around the world. Once registered, you can upload your inventory to the OnePlan platform for event managers to browse, so they can order the things they need with speed and efficiency.

Single source of truth

Inventory management in one place

Once Event Managers have sourced the products and services they need for their event, OnePlan automatically compiles and exports a bill of quantities which is sent directly to you.

Event Technology Awards

Winner, Best Festival Technology

2022, 2021 & 2020

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New business

Build relationships in the events world

If you’re a leading event supplier, you should be registered on OnePlan. It gives you direct access to the world’s largest event organisers, the opportunity to build relationships and establish a global reputation as an experienced and reliable events supplier.

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Event Technology Awards
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