Enabling the way for sustainable events

Our innovative event technology helps companies
produce events in a sustainable way

Analytics dashboard helps event organisers assess and compare infrastructure, materials, vehicles and other items across multiple events, unlocking new efficiencies
Our hyper-realistic 3D Venue Twin reduces the need for site visits pre-event, decreasing the reliance on national and international travel
Procure materials from suppliers via OnePlan, including an accurate bill of quantities and location data, to reduce waste and make event delivery more efficient
OnePlan is a climate positive organization.
For us, that means we offset more CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions than we create. We do this by tracking and estimating our company’s carbon footprint. This includes the technology that powers our business, the travel we make as employees, and more.
We are part of the SME Climate Hub and have made a commitment to continue achieving net zero emissions to 2030 and beyond

The actions we've taken

Every year we publish the actions we’ve taken to be climate positive. This includes the ways in which we’ve more than offset our carbon output to make OnePlan a climate positive organisation.
As we’ve grown the company in recent years we have tracked and estimated our carbon footprint. In 2021 we’ve invested in Gold Standard Community Based Verified Carbon Reduction Projects to more than offset our carbon emissions.

OnePlan is a member of A Greener Festival, helping festivals and events around the world to be more sustainable
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