Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to start! If you’re a new user, click ‘Try for Free’ at the top of this page. Once you’re set up, you simply log in to the OnePlan studio via our website and click ‘+ Create Event’ in the top toolbar.

In the OnePlan studio, you select your venue location and then use the Menu options to add items to your plan. It covers everything you need, from infrastructure and parking, to staff and evacuation operations. Find out more here.
To create an interactive 3D version of your stadium for indoor and outdoor operational planning and more, please send us a message at [email protected] and we’ll guide you through it. 
Yes, there’s no limit to the number of people you can collaborate with on your event plan. With a Team account you can have up to 5 team members. Please contact us at [email protected] if you require more than this. See more information on our Pricing page.
Yes, this is a great option for sports federations, large teams, event agencies and others. You can have your very own version of OnePlan, customised exactly as you need it. It can be branded your way so all your users access your version of the platform. Read more about it and contact us.
In the OnePlan studio, go to your event dashboard and select ‘Share’. Then simply add the email addresses for your team and partners. This video shows you how.

Yes – in the OnePlan studio our presentation export tool lets you save your plan to a presentation easily, so you can share it with whoever you want. 

You can access your Bill of Quantities in your event dashboard, and download it in CSV form. Learn more in this How To video.
OnePlan’s entrance and exit calculators ensure you can manage crowd safety to and from your event. There are a range of tools and calculators within the OnePlan studio to do this. Learn more about these here.
OnePlan’s Seating Assessment factors in crucial considerations such as ticketing profiling, brush past, social distancing and gangway access to prepare your venue for Social Distancing. Learn more about how we can support you to welcome fans back safely here.

Watch Our Short 'How To' Videos

We’ve made a series of 1-2 minute ‘How To’ videos to help you quickly learn about OnePlan.