Create a Venue Twin

Access, plan and monetise your real world venue with a hyper-realistic, interactive digital twin.

Venue Twin plugs real venues into the metaverse

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Plan your venue operations in the most advanced, fully interactive digital twin solution possible, with seamless integration in OnePlan.
Infrastructure planning in Venue Twin

Seamless integration between OnePlan & Venue Twin

Place and move any objects in OnePlan or Venue Twin, and see them instantly updated in the other platform. Plan your event on a map or visually in Venue Twin. 

Sell hospitality, tickets and advertising with Venue Twin

Venue Twin has multiple features to empower your sales teams. Design and sell hospitality suites, integrate it with ticketing for fans to view their seats, and easily change advertising signs at the click of a button. 

Triathlon event plan in Venue Twin

Access and plan your event any time, anywhere

Venue Twin is the hyper-realistic way to plan events. Give access to colleagues, stakeholders and suppliers, and run customer walk-throughs as if you were actually at your venue.

Seamless integration between OnePlan and Venue Twin

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Ambulance outside stadium in Venue Twin