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OnePlan for Triathlons is the world’s only event planning platform created exclusively for anyone planning a triathlon. You can instantly benefit from:

  • Consistent approach to planning triathlons with one easy-to-use platform
  • Real-time collaboration with your team, partners, suppliers, broadcasters and all stakeholders
  • Menu and tools specifically built for triathlon event organizers, for centimeter-accurate planning

The benefits of using OnePlan will be felt immediately. Using OnePlan saves time and reduces costs, making triathlon events far easier to manage."

Gergely Markus, World Triathlon Sport Director

World-class event planning software, designed exclusively for Triathlons.

World Triathlon x OnePlan. Accurate planning for its World Championship Series events

With 28 international events each year, World Triathlon uses the revolutionary ‘OnePlan for Triathlons’ platform to map, design and manage events in Canada, Abu Dhabi, Bermuda and beyond. With custom-built functionality including bike rack calculators, swim workforce, timing positions, aid stations and more, it results in a consistency of planning to ensure the triathlons run smoothly.  

World Triathlon now has a single source of truth for its event planning, with the customised OnePlan system replacing the combination of CAD and non-specialist tools previously used. 

OnePlan for Triathlons

Staff and Stewarding

OnePlan for Triathlons course planning

Plot your people with priority positions and shift start times, across your entire venue.

Calculate athlete time

OnePlan for Triathlons planning

Plan swim, bike and run routes using distance and speed calculators to auto-plan event timings.

Participant Groups

OnePlan for Triathlons platform

Enable different set-ups for events such as Elite Individual, Youth Mixed Relay and Paratriathlon.

The most powerful event planning platform, customised for Triathlons, with all the award-winning features of the core OnePlan system

Choose from the world’s best selection of 2D and 3D maps, plus up-to-date satellite and aerial imagery, and CAD import

Collaborate in real-time 24/7 with your team, partners and any stakeholder
One central dashboard to manage your event, including presentation export, bill of quantities and analytics

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