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Map and Plan Triathlons

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The world's only event planning platform designed for Triathlons

With intelligent tools that instantly show area space and capacity.Β 

"The benefits of using OnePlan will be felt immediately. Using OnePlan reduces time and costs, making triathlon events far easier to manage"

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World Triathlon Sport Director

Available for anyone planning a Triathlon!

Easy-to-use platform to Map and Plan triathlons together

OnePlan Triathlons Pack is an all-in-one planning software built for anyone planning a triathlon. You can instantly benefit from:

  • Consistent approach to planning triathlons with one easy-to-use platform
  • Real-time collaboration with your team, partners, suppliers, broadcasters and all stakeholders
  • Menu and tools specifically built for triathlon event organizers, for centimeter-accurate planning

Staff and Stewarding

Plot your people with priority positions and shift start times, across your entire venue.

Calculate athlete time

Plan swim, bike and run routes using distance and speed calculators to auto-plan event timings.

Participant Groups

Enable different set-ups for events such as Elite Individual, Youth Mixed Relay and Paratriathlon.

Inside the OnePlan Studio

How to Access the OnePlan Triathlons Pack

The OnePlan Triathlon Pack has hundreds of tools and features built specifically for triathlons, and it’s all inside of OnePlan’s free platform.

Access the OnePlan Triathlon Pack inside the OnePlan Studio:

    1. Β Go to the left-hand toolbar and click the “More” icon.
    2. Next, click the “Triathlon” section to access all our triathlon-specific features.
Ensure athlete welfare
Accurately signpost potholes & other hazards, and upload photos of them
Crowd management tools
Designate crowd areas & routes, and plan for road closures on your choice of map
Bespoke features for any triathlon
Choose from 100s of triathlon objects to place on your map
Triathlon Event map
Save time and costs
OnePlan makes planning triathlons far easier to manage
Triathlon Event map
Plan to scale
Pinpoint accurate planning across your entire route

Watch how OnePlan's Triathlon features can benefit your triathlon course planning

Our Core Features

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One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools to plan your event site.Β 

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