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Fairs, Shows & Market Event Planning

Map and Plan your State Fair, Country Fair, Show, Markets, Funfair or Carnival for free with our software designed specifically for fairs and shows.

Plan your Event for Free

Map, design and manage your show in one platform

  • Map out your event and manage vendors all in OnePlan
  • 100+ items specifically for Fairs, Shows & Markets 
  • Collaborate in real-time with your team, suppliers and vendors for event planning

Create your
Fair, Show & Market events
in OnePlan

Vendor management
Enable vendors to see and add their specific details
Intelligent GIS tools
Instantly calculate lengths, areas and capacities 
Collaborate with local authorities
Real-time review and approval of event plans
Customised tools for Fairs & Shows
Select from 100s of funfair and agricultural objects 
Crowd management tools
Keep attendees safe with perimeters and barriers
State Fair event plan in OnePlan

Create one event free forever

Map, design and manage your fair or show in one platform

  • Map out your event and manage vendors all in OnePlan
  • 100+ items specifically for Fairs and Shows to create your event plan
  • Collaborate in real-time with your team,  suppliers and vendors for event planning

Vendor Management

Easy-to-create, professional plans at low cost

Currently using screenshots in powerpoint, or designing your event on the back of a napkin? OnePlan’s Fairs, Shows & Market tools are made for you! 

OnePlan is centimeter-accurate, with your choice of maps, and allows you to collaborate with vendors in real-time in one plan

What event are you planning?

OnePlan has vendor management and custom tools for Fairs, Shows & Markets. Map, design and manage your event for free in OnePlan. 

🐮 Agriculture shows

Livestock events, safely planned

Use OnePlan’s specialist tools to create a safe and successful experience for your attendees.

"We love OnePlan! It has helped us to identify a completely different way to use our site and the most efficient way to get full capacity"

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Shrewsbury Folk Festival

100+ Agriculture and Entertainment tools for planning a safe, successful event

Horse Racing in OnePlan

Horse Racing

Barrel Racing in OnePlan

Barrel Racing

Young Farmers Club in OnePlan

Farmers Club

Food and Drink in OnePlan

Food and Drink

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Petting Zoo in OnePlan

Petting Zoo

Artisan Crafts

With OnePlan, you can map, design and manage your event in real-time

Map out and design your event plan with entrance gates, barriers, areas including parking, walking routes and more. Add specific items including ferris wheels, ticket booths, food and drink stands, carousels and more.

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One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools to plan your event site. 

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OnePlan is a proud supporter and member of the International Association of Fairs & Expositions. 

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