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Event Traffic Management


Traffic Management Pack is now live!

OnePlan now solves a number of challenges for Traffic Management planning for event organisers. With 100 new objects, it allows a simple road closure to be drawn and shared with stakeholders. You can place road signs with the ball and plate to show location of sign including what3words. 

Existing Parking Allocation tool

This tool enables you to efficiently count and allocate parking spaces to specific client groups, taking into account the crucial aspect of accessible parking requirements.

By using this feature, you can ensure that your event caters to the diverse needs of your attendees while complying with accessibility regulations.

Manage traffic in and around your event site

Well-planned traffic management is vital to the success of an event and the safety of participants and spectators. OnePlan enables you to create a traffic management plan for your event, ensuring that key points of the route are effectively supervised.

Accurate traffic co-ordination for your entire event site

Using OnePlan’s Traffic Management features, chart the precise location of traffic signage, barriers, cones and temporary traffic signals to plan and arrange road closures, contraflows, diversion routes and traffic control measures on public roads or within your event site.

Car parking in the most efficient way

Plan for whatever car parking area and traffic flow you need, and simply define entrance and exit points to and from public roads.

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Cheese & Chilli Festival

Learn how the Cheese and Chilli Festival plans multiple events for thousands of attendees in OnePlan.
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