Car parking, changing and toilet facilities, waste management, catering, camping areas, entertainment, backstage areas – the list of facilities and services you might need is endless. OnePlan Infrastructure takes care of it all – ensuring your event is a success, with all the assets your staff, volunteers, participants and spectators might need.
Every event facility and service itemised, located and ordered from one source.
Tadstock event plan

Event infrastructure planning made simple.

With OnePlan Infrastructure, you can scope and position any physical asset you may need at your event with pinpoint accuracy. From barriers and fencing to tents, cabins and containers, sanitation and power units to individual light columns, all infrastructure can be placed and moved in real-time anywhere on your event site plan.

Real-time collaboration enables efficient infrastructure planning.

As with every other OnePlan item, you can collaborate effectively with all other team members and stakeholders in real-time. This enables you to add, coordinate, analyse and review your site infrastructure from every aspect and viewpoint.
Road event plan
Outdoor event plan

Infrastructure planning for outdoor events.

For outdoor events, such as music festivals and road events. OnePlan’s flexible and configurable infrastructure program can help you make provision for tents, cabins and containers as well as crowd control measures such as fencing and barriers.

Itemise and order your infrastructure with the click of a button.

When your plan is finalised, OnePlan Infrastructure automatically identifies and calculates the items you need before a detailed manifest can be exported to Excel and sent to suppliers supported by a comprehensive bill of quantities.
Bill of Quantities