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Import CAD files in OnePlan

Transform your CAD drawings into interactive event plans with OnePlan

Planning an event using CAD  can be complex, time-consuming, and often requires specialized training.

With OnePlan, you can import your CAD file and effortlessly plan your event on top of it using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Our platform is designed to simplify the process, making it accessible and easy for everyone, even without CAD expertise.

Add your CAD

Plan on different floor plans on different levels

Map and design each floor level of your venue  independently by creating different layers for the CAD drawings. Different floor level plans can be imported as ‘concrete layers’ meaning that any objects placed on that level will display on that level only

CAD plan outdoors

Plan on CADs across your site

Plan with CADs on outdoor sites

On outdoor sites there are times when you can have access to CADs from the field. The OnePlan team can easily import the cads as an Overlay on your map. There are different ways to make the CAD stand out such as removing the roads from the Outdoor site, as shown here.

Hundreds of infrastructure icons to place on your event's floor plan

picnic table icon in OnePlan

Picnic Bench

round dining table icon in OnePlan

Dining Tables

sofa icon in oneplan

3-seat Sofa

single desk icon in OnePlan

Single Desk


Food and Drink in OnePlan

Food & drink

Disabled access


Lost & found

First aid

It would take me about a day to do eight maps in CAD. In OnePlan, it’s about 2 hours.

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No more version control madness

In CAD, it’s difficult for multiple users to simultaneously work on the same file and keeping track of the latest versions can become confusing. After adding your existing CAD in OnePlan, you’re able to create different levels, which allows users to plan independently on different floor levels of their venue, at the same time.

Choose from our Professional or Premium packages for CAD import for events

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Get started importing your CAD

To import your CAD file into OnePlan, first make sure you’re on the Professional, Premium or Enterprise packages.  Click this button to message us with your CAD and we’ll upload it quickly and accurately. Once it’s done, you’ll see it in your event plan. 

CAD import

Seamless integration between OnePlan and VenueTwin

Import your existing CAD files into OnePlan, and visualise them in VenueTwin – our hyper-realistic planning platform. For our Enterprise users, VenueTwin is the most advanced way to plan and visualise your stadium and its surrounding areas. 

🚀 Contact us to import your existing CAD files

It’s done quickly, for any users on the Professional and Premium packages
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