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Event Crowd Management

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What is crowd management and why is it important?

Crowd management is the planning and direction of large groups of people at big events. Good crowd management ensures there’s sufficient space for crowds to move around, wait in line or rest, and that the public’s experience and safety are supported by event staff as and when needed. The result is a free-flowing, comfortable space, staffed by a knowledgeable and responsive workforce.

OnePlan has intelligent tools and calculators for accurate event planning

OnePlan’s crowd management features include capacity calculators where you can chart or map out a precise area and it will calculate the capacity allowed. You’re even able to change density, from 1 person per square meter to 5.

"The time saving compared to the way I used to develop a site map is huge. OnePlan is so much more streamlined and saves me a considerable amount of time, especially when the organisation wants certain areas editing" ​

Phil Morgan

Event Organiser, GoCreate

Map out your event space in a crowd-friendly way in the OnePlan studio

OnePlan allows you to fully plan out your event site in just a few minutes with our icons and toolbar. You’re able to test out different event layouts and space configurations, ensuring you have adequate space and the best layout possible for fluid and functional crowd management.

Crowd control icons to place on your event map

OnePlan’s toolbar includes a range of different crowd barriers, including the standard 2.2-meter steel barricade. In one click, map out the space where barriers are needed and OnePlan will automatically calculate the number of barriers needed for your event.

Our Core Features

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One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools to plan your event site. 

Model crowd flow to ensure social distancing on arrival

Our built-in social distancing calculator lets you define how attendees will arrive at your event. It uses predicted arrival profiles, if guests arrive via car on on foot, the amount of physical space to allow for lines and queues, as well as the number of entrances and regional authority recommended social distancing guidelines.

This provides robust data to support planning for safe entrance operations at any venue.



Plan your event for any scenario, weather and time of day or night.
Dot planning in OnePlan


The right people, in the right places at the right time.
Event Traffic Managing in OnePlan

Traffic Management

Manage traffic in and around your event site.

Give stakeholders confidence in your social distancing plans

Produce precise and professional site and operational plans to share with key stakeholders in view-only or editable format, to give police, fire, medical and government teams with the detail they need to support your event.

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