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The OnePlan Free package lets you map and plan your first event for free.

Start planning your first event for free in minutes

We know having access to the latest event planning technology has been difficult in the past. It’s expensive and requires a lot of training. Our free plan allows you to have one event free for one user. Sign up for OnePlan and start planning instantly for free.

Create an event map in minutes

Unlike other planning platforms which require training, set up and onboarding, OnePlan is user-friendly and requires absolutely no training.

Real-time event intelligence

All the items you place on your map are instantly shown in your event dashboard. Manage inventory through a Bill of Quantities that you can download and send to suppliers. 

Made to plan any type of event





Sports games

Holiday markets

Bike events



"On a small budget, OnePlan is invaluable. I had every single element of our map on the OnePlan platform within two days. It was amazing."

Renna Muhieddin

Associate Producer for Soulfest

🚀 Start planning your first event for free

Easy-to-use, professional software to plan your event site. 
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