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Floor Plans and Layouts

Floor Plans and Layouts are simply scaled drawings or designs that we can import to help you plan your event.

One of the most important aspects of event planning is having a clear understanding of the venue layout, and that’s where Floor Plans and Layouts come in.

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What are Floor Plans used for?

Floor Plans are scaled drawings or designs that depict the building plan of the venue in which you want to do your event. Even if you are familiar with the venue, having a Floor Plan in OnePlan can help you visualize the layout and plan the placement of objects such as tables, chairs, and decorations.

CAD indoor floor level planning in OnePlan
Position 3 seat sofa on CAD in OnePlan

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What are Layouts?

Layouts are alternate base canvases that can help you plan your event in a variety of ways. Layouts are available in the Layouts section of your Objects Toolbar. Layouts are great for providing context or inspiration and can be adjusted for transparency to help you effectively see what’s underneath.

Examples of Layouts:

  • Alternate satellite imagery
  • Map of the event showing all the lampposts.
  • A previous event edition layout.

OnePlan Layer Import Request

*If the file you’re importing is too large please email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What canvas options are offered in OnePlan?

Floor Plans and Layouts

Google Satellite View

Floor Plans and Layouts

Google Maps View

Floor Plans and Layouts

HD – High Definition Aerial Photography

Event Plan image

Black and White

OnePlan dashboard

What sort of files can I import for Layouts or Floor levels?

They can be in various formats:

  • DWG/DXF – AutoCad file
  • PDF – Common non-editable shareable format.
  • JPG/PNG/GIF/BMP  – Image Format
  • KML – GoogleEarth File

How much does importing a layer cost?

If you’re on a Professional plan, you have 4 layer imports a year included.

For our Premium and Enterprise users, we offer unlimited imports. 

If you’re on a free account, each layer import costs 50 USD. See more details on our pricing page >

OnePlan being used on a laptop

Further Questions?

Email us at [email protected] 

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To import your CAD, fill out the form above or send us a message with any questions. Once it’s done, you’ll see it in your event plan. 

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