Social Distancing Toolkit

COVID-19 and social distancing tools to keep people safe at events.

When the door opens again, will you be COVID-19 safe?

OnePlan’s suite of social distancing tools help venues and events plan for social distancing. Instantly assess capacity, queuing and space requirements to support robust planning and assurance to stakeholders and clients. OnePlan’s social distancing calculators have been developed in collaboration with world-leading crowd measurement experts

Socially distanced events anywhere in the world.

With social distancing guidelines differing from country to country, OnePlan’s social distancing calculator works out the optimum safe distance for visitors and audiences, making it easy to plan safe venue layouts that take into account the nature of the event, the type of venue and the region’s current safety rules and recommendations.

Guaranteed social distancing from the start of your event.

To help reduce crowding at the entrance and eliminate unnecessary queues, OnePlan calculates the impact on wait times on arrival at an event, using predicted attendee arrival profile, the amount of physical space to allow queuing, the number of entrances and regional authority recommended social distancing guidelines.

Assured social distancing throughout your event.

OnePlan’s social distancing space calculator allows you to measure any area and calculate how many people can fit safely within a specific space while maintaining a set distance between each other. Using the risk assessment data, the program will suggest modified layouts and multiple site design ideas to help you plan your event.

Social distancing from start to finish at your event.

The calculator also allows you to estimate the duration of people exiting from your event based on the number of exits, the widths of the exit gate, required social distancing regulations and the number of people leaving the event. This provides robust data to support planning for safe exit operations from any venue.

Design operations that optimise capacity in the ‘new norm’.

Collaboratively develop and design operations that automatically include social distancing and keep your visitors and workforce safe. OnePlan gives teams the ability to work together remotely in real-time, to keep plans progressing throughout the times that COVID-19 regulations prevent meeting.

Give stakeholders confidence in your social distancing plans.

Produce precise and professional site and operational plans to share with key stakeholders in view-only or editable format, to give police, fire, medical and government teams with the detail they need to support your event.