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Social Distancing Toolkit

Plan your site for a safe event with OnePlan's intelligent tools

Design your event site for vaccine passport checks and covid tests on arrival, and calculate crowd flow using our Social Distancing toolkit. Collaborate with your partners in real-time and easily share your plans.

"We love OnePlan! It has helped us identify a completely different way to use our site and the most efficient way to get full capacity whilst still social distancing."

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Model crowd flow to ensure social distancing on arrival

Our built-in social distancing calculator lets you define how attendees will arrive at your event. It uses predicted arrival profiles, if guests arrive via car on on foot, the amount of physical space to allow for lines and queues, as well as the number of entrances and regional authority recommended social distancing guidelines.

This provides robust data to support planning for safe entrance operations at any venue.

Assured social distancing throughout your event

With our social distancing toolkit you can measure any area and calculate how many people can fit safely within a specific space. Using the risk assessment data, it will suggest modified layouts and multiple site design ideas to help you plan your event.

OnePlan’s social distancing calculators have been developed in collaboration with world-leading crowd measurement experts.

Give stakeholders confidence in your social distancing plans

Produce precise and professional site and operational plans to share with key stakeholders in view-only or editable format, to give police, fire, medical and government teams with the detail they need to support your event.
Planning Road Events in OnePlan
Accurately plan every aspect of your route including operations, overlay, staffing, and procure directly from suppliers.
Event Plan for Cheese and Chilli Festival
Take full control of your festival – with fencing, barriers, staging, crowd control, water points and more to plot.
Better event planning in OnePlan
Ensure safe and successful events for participants and attendees with our social distancing toolkit.
Event Traffic Managing in OnePlan

Easy-to-use and Accurate

The complete solution to design a covid-secure event

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