Event Agencies

OnePlan is your single source event planning and management tool that lets you collaborate with clients and stakeholders in real-time.

Festival planning in OnePlan

Event Agencies

Planning an event is no small job. From planning to packing up, every need must be met, every eventuality must be prepared for. OnePlan is your single source event planning and management tool that not only kick-starts your event but brings it to a successful conclusion.
Infrastructure planning in OnePlan

Just OnePlan to design and share your event

Work in real-time collaboration with every member of your team as you create, plan, assess, review, adapt, manage and deliver your event. With the full suite of planning, design and management tools, take your event from concept to delivery and beyond.

The collaborative element of OnePlan is great. It means we have better communication with our partners by easily sharing our digestible plans at scale."

Simon Bryan, Operations Director, Pont3

Music festivals, fan parks and so much more

From the largest music festivals or sporting event to the most intimate corporate event or exhibition, such is OnePlan’s universal language, versatility and ease-of-use that it’s been used to plan over 1,500 events in more than 50 countries.

3d digital twin aerial view
Infrastructure planning in OnePlan

Real-time progress tracking anytime, anywhere

From the largest cabin to the smallest sign, once an item is mapped and positioned, OnePlan takes an image which is data, time and geo stamped. The items are then flagged as installed in the OnePlan studio enabling you and your team to track the progress of your site build in real-time.

The most dynamic event planning and management tool available

As the event planning progresses and changes are made, OnePlan Transitions allows you to predict different scenarios and potential incidents with accuracy and speed, putting you in total control of every aspect at every stage.
3d digital twin
paris 2020 barriers

Design and position signage with the click of a button

Combining mapping, database and artwork functions, OnePlan Signs gives you the tools to scope, design, produce, position and order every sign or banner your site needs without having to reply on other programs.

Hi-res, up-to-date, scalable maps and images

Say goodbye to outdated, inflexible, unclear and incompatible map and image formats. The OnePlan Canvas tool gives you access to a comprehensive database of accurate, up-to-date, high-resolution and scalable maps and images with nine different layers,
Map in OnePlan event software
3d aerial venue twin

Turn your 2D vision into 3D reality

See your event come to life as you plan. Using OnePlan 3D, build and adapt your event site in interactive 3D, enabling people to see your design from every angle and walk through the site or venue at eye level or with an aerial view.

Effectively supervise event staff and traffic

OnePlan Dot and OnePlan Traffic are transformational real-time tools that streamline event staff planning and tracking and traffic management before and during your event, making it easier than ever before.
Planning Road Events in OnePlan
What 3 Words in OnePlan

Map and position with pinpoint accuracy

All items that are plotted in the OnePlan platform are geo located with GPS coordinates and a unique ‘What 3 Words’ address. This ensures all overlay is planned and installed with pinpoint accuracy the first time.

Plan covid-safe events with our Social Distancing Toolkit

In the face of COVID-19, event planning may never be the same again. OnePlan’s advanced social distancing tools allow you to plan or adapt an event or venue to implement social distancing measures and comply with current and evolving social distancing regulations.
social distanced seating