Road events

Coordinating a road event such as a marathon, triathlon or cycle race – or maintaining order at a carnival, parade or protest march – requires meticulous planning. OnePlan’s event planning platform gives event organisers the ability to accurately plan every aspect of the route, including operations, overlay, staffing, transport, security, advertising and other key functions.
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Marathons, Triathlons & Cycle Races

From traffic management to the start line, medical tents to the finish line, OnePlan’s unique combination of precision mapping and visual planning helps you plot every section of the route. Pinpoint the exact location of marshalls, water stations, timing points and checkpoints, right down to crowd barrier layouts, medical teams and brand activation zones.

Keeping crowds under control and spectators safe

Spectators are a key part of a road event and need to be well managed. OnePlan gives you the power to accurately plot miles of crowd control barriers, geolocated and to scale. Customise the finest detail such as the dimensions of the barrier and automatically generate your barrier requirements which can then be exported to share with suppliers.
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Traffic management during the event

Well-planned traffic management is vital to the success of your event and the safety of participants and spectators. OnePlan enables you to create a traffic management plan for your event, ensuring that key points of the route are effectively supervised. This includes charting the precise location of signage, stewards, temporary traffic signals, road closures, contraflows and diversion routes.

Dot planning: The right people, in the right places at the right time

OnePlan gives you the tools to create a comprehensive marshalling plan for your event. Each marshall can be allocated a code and notes can be added to their profile such as their responsibilities, equipment, shift times and any other important information. The report can be exported to Excel to create sign-in sheets, health and safety documents and presentations.
dot planning
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360˚ real-time event management

OnePlan enables you to oversee the entire map and operational plan from a single source at any time – at a desk, in an event control room or on the move. The platform provides end-to-end visibility of event staff on the ground, enabling you to track key team members, assess situations, coordinate resources and make informed decisions with speed and total accuracy.

Streamlined road event planning

OnePlan’s dynamic easy-to-use platform allows different stakeholders to collaborate effectively in real-time. Working from a single shared live plan, different elements of the event can be added, shared, coordinated, analysed, visualised and understood from every aspect and viewpoint.
road events