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Easy-to-use site planning software
with hundreds of Running specific features

130+ Running tools to design your entire route

The Running tools and features are so easy to use - it has everything we need. OnePlan increases our efficiency, which helps us create more profitable events.”

Simon Bryan

Pont3 for Sydney Harbour 10k

OnePlan solves multiple Running 'pain points'

Typical running event organizer 'pain points'

The OnePlan Running pack solutions

Learn how to use OnePlan's Running tools with our running event specialist

"We really benefit from how accurate OnePlan is. It allows us to collaborate across our team and with our suppliers, partners and volunteers to ensure the event is set up correctly and as planned."

Andras Palinkas

Rat Race

Real-time planning

Plot signage and manage traffic barriers

Show road closures accurately on your site plan, and upload precise images of potholes and other hazards. Position signs to plan for a safe and successful event for your athletes, teams and spectators.

Plan together

Manage stakeholders in OnePlan

Collaborate with local authorities, traffic management teams, security, running teams, sponsors and any stakeholder in one event plan. This gives all stakeholders the ability to review the entire race route easily, with all infrastructure and operational instructions visible. 

Select from hundreds of items to drag and drop on your event site

Meeting Point icon in Running pack, OnePlan

Meeting point

Charity point icon in OnePlan Running pack

Charity point

Timing icon in OnePlan Running pack


Race Arch icon in OnePlan Running pack

Race Arch

Water Station icon in OnePlan Running pack

Water station

First Aid icon in OnePlan Running pack

First aid

Road Closed sign in OnePlan Running pack

Road closed

OnePlan Studio

Find the Running Pack in the 'More' menu category

Scroll down the left-side menu, and find the Running Pack in ‘More’

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Over 25,000 events in 107 countries have been planned using OnePlan

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Centimetre accurate event planning

The best selection up-to-date 2D, HD and Satellite maps

  • Easily switch between map views for however you prefer to plan
  • Position infrastructure, vehicles, workforce and any object you want with total accuracy

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