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An event has a life of its own, evolving with every twist and turn. By streamlining and centralising disparate systems and processes into one platform, OnePlan Transitions puts you in control of continually developing event plans.


Predicting and reacting to the changing nature of events.

Plan for every event scenario

To reflect the changing nature of an event, Transitions allows you to create an operational plan that is dynamic in real-time, shows progression and lets you envisage scenarios at every stage of your event.

Design with your team how your event evolves

OnePlan Transitions helps you to facilitate the management of every item and aspect of your event plan in relation to the time, phase or circumstance of your event. Whether it’s crowd barriers, stewards moving from the entrance to the exit or security guards moving from day to night time operations, Transitions gives you the power to plan and communicate your operations to every team member and stakeholder.
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Plan for different days and times

Using Transitions, build a vocabulary of time and create a flexible event plan for every day and time period. Name each event phase and set out alternative configurations, allowing you to watch the event as it transitions through each stage.

Control the weather and prepare for the unexpected

Emergency evacuation, flooding, poor weather contingency, counter-terrorism measures – every event needs to prepare for the unexpected. Transitions gives you the tools to configure your event infrastructure and operations to deal with any eventuality.
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