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OnePlan is a collaborative event and venue planning platform that massively reduces the need for site visits, and provides powerful event intelligence.

3D Venue Twin

The most advanced sports event planning software

OnePlan is the most accurate event site planning tool available, creating a fully interactive 3D version of your indoor or outdoor venue, and the geographical area around it. Plan at any time and for any scenario. 

Trusted by the best

As FIBA, World Triathlon, and teams from the NBA, Major League Baseball, English Premier League and over 1,000 events and venues worldwide have already discovered, OnePlan takes sports event planning and management to another level.
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Powerful event intelligence

OnePlan is the single source of truth for your sport’s events, giving you real-time insights before, during and after events.  Optimise space allocation, infrastructure, equipment, supplier costs and more across all your international events. 

Visit your venue from anywhere, day or night

Do a site visit, without actually visiting your site with our best-in-class 3D venue twins. Run fly-throughs of your venue from any angle for customers, suppliers and broadcasters – without leaving your desk.

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Reduce event costs

Use OnePlan to compare the cost of every item in your plan in real-time. Procure directly from approved suppliers within OnePlan, and analyse in real-time event costs across organisations and geographies. And make big annual costs savings on site visits, by planning your events in our fully interactive 3D digital twins of your venues.

OnePlan White Partner Program

Move all your international events on to OnePlan, and fully customise the system your way. Have a bespoke, branded version of OnePlan – with login directly from your site – that all your federations and stakeholders can use. OnePlan for your one sport.  

Contact us to learn more about our generous revenue share program for events that sign up to your version of OnePlan.

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Put all your sport’s events on one plan

Paris 202 Night 3D Venue Twin