International Federations

OnePlan is a dynamic, collaborative platform that enables your teams and partners to plan indoor and outdoor events with centimetre accuracy, giving you an unprecedented level of oversight and insights across your sport’s global events.

The most advanced sports event planning software available.

OnePlan is the most accurate event site planning software available, creating a truly representative 3D visualisation of your indoor or outdoor event and the geographical area around it – at any time and under any circumstance.

Trusted by the best

As FIBA, World Triathlon, and teams from the NBA, Major League Baseball, English Premier League and over 1,000 events and venues worldwide have already discovered, OnePlan takes sports event planning and management to another level.

Inefficient event planning to powerful event intelligence.

OnePlan enables real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world, allowing your synchronised single-source plan to be edited, analysed, visualised, reviewed and shared by any number of authorised stakeholders at any time.

Visit your venue from anywhere in the world, day or night.

Such is the power of OnePlan, it almost makes site visits a thing of the past. Its unrivalled ability to provide intelligence-led event planning gives you a 3D view of your event, any time you want, anywhere in the world without leaving your desk.

Reduce event costs

With OnePlan you can compare the cost of every item within your plan in real-time. Procure directly from approved suppliers and analyse in real-time event costs across organisations and geographies. And by planning your events using OnePlan in 3D, you can greatly reduce the need for site visits, resulting in big annual cost savings.

Powered by OnePlan: Be an Event Planning Partner

You can customise OnePlan with your logo and branding, and offer it for use by event organisers within your sport. Once they’ve subscribed under your banner, event organisers can login from your website to access their event plans.

We offer a generous revenue share program which provides you with a recurring revenue through events that sign up to your OnePlan.

As a sport federation, this makes it possible for you to maintain a consistent approach for all international events in your sport, and provides a centralised space for unprecedented insight and intelligence.

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