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The most advanced sports planning software

OnePlan is centimeter-accurate, web based planning software that enables collaborative, real-time planning across your teams. 

Trusted by the world's leading sports Federations

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World Triathlon x OnePlan

Designed by World Triathlon. Built by OnePlan. The custom solution used by triathlon organizers across the world. 

"The benefits of using OnePlan were felt immediately. Using OnePlan reduces time and costs, making triathlon events far easier to manage"

Gergely Markus

World Triathlon Sport Director

Venu Twin

Multi-Use Digital Twins for Planning, Security, Fan Experience and more

Plan your stadium or arena operations in the most advanced, interactive 3D digital twin solution. Our multi-use digital twins massively reduce the need for site visits. VenueTwin is proven to reduce costs, generate revenue and cut CO2 emissions. 

Real-time Dashboards

Powerful Event Intelligence across all your Venues

OnePlan is the single source of truth for your sport’s events, giving you real-time insights before, during and after events.  Optimise space allocation, infrastructure, equipment, supplier costs and more across all your international events. 

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OnePlan is a proud partner of the International Federation Forum.

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