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Event Plan Design Support

Get expert help to map and plan your event site in OnePlan

Get immediate support to design your event site

Let us know what you need done to your event plan and we’ll make it happen.

Event Experts

Fast, accurate event planning support from our specialist

Our event map designer can create high quality, customised, accurately designed plans for your event, at speed.

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What our customers say about working with Alice

Alice Hall, Events Map Designer at OnePlan

“I’m Alice, OnePlan’s designer for your public event maps! I’m an experienced event designer, having created a high volume of maps for events including for the Commonwealth Games and Cricket World Cup.

Do you need to save time and want me to help complete your event plan? I can work from photos, previous plans or even just a conversation to get going! Send me a message and let’s chat!”

Let's design your event plan!

Public Map Services

Want a public map created for your event website or guide, based on your event plan?

If you want to save time and need expert help, we can help create your event plan.

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