Stadiums & Arenas

Plan operations and unlock new commercial value with fans, sponsors and broadcasters, by creating a hyper-realistic, fully interactive 3D digital twin of your stadium or arena. 

Stadiums & Arenas

Plan your venue with the world’s most advanced platform – including moving any item in a fully interactive 3D Venue Twin. 

Import CAD
& Plan Every Level

Easily add your CAD drawings and update them accurately within OnePlan. Plan on each floor level of your stadium or arena independently. 

Plan your venue with Venue Twin

Plan your stadium or arena operations in the most advanced, fully interactive 3D solution.
Ambulance outside stadium in Venue Twin

Be in full control of your venue operations

Collaborate in real-time with team members, suppliers, broadcasters and security partners to plan venue logistics. With the full suite of planning, design and management tools on a single platform, you can take your event from concept to delivery and beyond.

This is a game-changer. Coming from an event background, I've had slides, different dot plans, spreadsheets - that all don't integrate. As a collaborative system, OnePlan is attractive for us."

Jason Fesyk, Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton
City of Edmonton logo

Design and sell client hospitality with SuiteView

Create a hyper-realistic 3D digital twin, enabling you to design and move any item within your Suites. Easily share video fly-throughs for customers and VIP buyers. 

LA Clippers SuiteView in Venue Twin

The LA Clippers use Venue Twin to sell hospitality at the Intuit Dome before it's built

Venue Twin FIFA 2026 World Cup branding

Easily change branding & signage to engage sponsors

Update any signs or advertiser branding at the touch of a button to showcase your stadium or arena to potential partners, and for venues that host multiple types of events. 

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Effectively supervise visitors, staff and traffic

Our advanced Dot Planning and Traffic Management solutions streamline event staff planning and tracking, plus visitor movement and traffic management before and during your event.

road event traffic management
social distanced seating

Social distancing taken care of at every step

OnePlan’s advanced social distancing tools – including our Seating Plan Assessment used by Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, the Brooklyn Nets and others – enable you to plan for safe and successful events at your stadium or arena.  

Define the Seating Plan to optimize your ticketing

Even once you’ve decided upon the optimum seating arrangement, the model can be continually adjusted to take account of actual ticket sales, reactivating the program to ensure that you are still optimising the seating capacity while maintaining social distancing requirements.
optimised stadium capacity
optimised revenue for a stadium

Optimal occupancy, maximum revenue

Different sections of a venue may require several variations depending on your goals. You may want to achieve maximum occupancy in a priority section closer to the stage or pitch but maximise general admission revenue. OnePlan can do both, without compromising people’s safety.

Create a Venue Twin of your stadium or arena