Stadiums & Arenas

Plan your venue with the world’s most advanced platform – including moving any item in a fully interactive 3D Venue Twin. 

Fully interactive 3D Venue Twin

Plan your stadium or arena operations in the most advanced, fully interactive 3D solution.
3D digital twin

Be in full control of your venue operations

Work in real-time collaboration with every member of your team as you create, plan, assess, review, adapt, manage and deliver your event. With the full suite of planning, design and management tools on a single platform, you can take your event from concept to delivery and beyond.

The most dynamic event planning and management tool for stadiums

As the event plan progresses and changes are made, OnePlan enables you to predict and react to scenarios and incidents with accuracy and speed, giving you end-to-end control of every aspect over the event lifecycle.

3d digital twin
paris 2020 barriers

Design and position signage with the click of a button

Combining mapping, database and artwork functions, OnePlan gives you the tools to scope, design, produce, position and order every sign or banner your site needs without having to reply on other programs.

Effectively supervise visitors, staff and traffic

Our advanced Dot Planning and Traffic Management solutions streamline event staff planning and tracking, plus visitor movement and traffic management before and during your event.

road event traffic management
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social distanced seating

Social distancing taken care of at every step

OnePlan’s advanced social distancing tools allow you to plan an event implementing social distancing measures and comply with current and evolving social distancing guidelines. It will then calculate the safest adjusted seating capacity and provide you with the optimum seating plan.

Define the Seating Plan to optimize your ticketing

Even once you’ve decided upon the optimum seating arrangement, the model can be continually adjusted to take account of actual ticket sales, reactivating the program to ensure that you are still optimising the seating capacity while maintaining social distancing requirements.
optimised stadium capacity
optimised revenue for a stadium

Optimal occupancy, maximum revenue

Different sections of a venue may require several variations depending on your goals. You may want to achieve maximum occupancy in a priority section closer to the stage or pitch but maximise general admission revenue. OnePlan can do both, without compromising people’s safety.

Get the world’s best planning solution for your venue