How it Works

OnePlan is an easy to use tool for event planning. Plan events with your team, partners and stakeholders in real-time, and get instant insights for everything you need to plan a successful event.

Step 1

Create your event

Simply log in to OnePlan and start a new event, anywhere in the world. Lay the foundations for your event by adding lines and routes around your event site and clearly define boundaries accurate to the centimetre for where your event will be staged..

Step 2

Add Signs, Infrastructure, Marshalls and more to your event

Using the menu, simply select the items you need at your event – signs, tents, cabins, lights, sanitation, vehicles, marshalls and so much more – and position them in any way you want. Change the Canvas to see how your event plan is looking in different map views including 3D.

Step 3

Procure anything you need within OnePlan

In OnePlan you can procure all the items you need at your event, at the click of a button. Simply choose the items and quantities, export and send it to suppliers supported by a detailed bill of quantities. Design your event and order any asset you need, all within OnePlan.

Watch How OnePlan Will Transform How You Plan Events