With fencing, barriers, crowd control, parking, toilets, water points, tents, staging, staffing and so much more, OnePlan gives you control over every aspect of your festival plan.

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Keep attendees safe with perimeters and barriers

Keeping visitors safe requires accurate siting of perimeter fences, crowd barriers and rope dividers. OnePlan’s dynamic platform enables you to accurately plot the type and size of crowd control system directly on to your festival site. You can then view these in different modes including satellite and aerial maps, in day and night time.

Precisely deploy staff and stewards

A safe and successful festival relies on event staff understanding their roles and responsibilities, and knowing where they should be and at what time. With OnePlan’s easy-to-use planning tool, you can create a detailed plan and delegate by role, location, day and shift time – meeting your safety and risk management requirements without the need for multiple documents.

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Get an integrated, accurate view of your festival site

OnePlan’s single-source festival planning tool enables real-time collaboration between site operations, security, power, water, staging vendors, merchants and all festival overlay. The integrated plan provides a precise layer by layer overview, so you can visualise your site in just one plan and share it with partners and suppliers.

Avoid overcrowding to ensure safe events

OnePlan’s Social Distancing Toolkit can help ensure the health and safety of attendees, including showing how long queues may be and if exit gates are sufficient to safely egress crowds. Our predictive modelling and measuring tools automatically calculate optimum visitor numbers to help you comply with health and safety regulations. It also maps access and exit routes in the event of an emergency.

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Plan festivals through effective collaboration

Using OnePlan’s festival planning tool, you can communicate your plan visually and collaborate with all key team members and stakeholders. Maintain an overview of the entire operational site plan and share it with local authorities and emergency services so they can provide the permits and support you need.