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Our intelligent tools instantly show area space and capacity, and gives you control over every aspect of your festival plan.

"We love OnePlan! It has helped us identify a completely different way to use our site and the most efficient way to get full capacity."

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Vendor Management

Manage Vendors in One Platform

OnePlan’s Festival features streamline the process of managing food, drink, market, and craft stalls, as well as merchandise vendors. By keeping all key information in one place, OnePlan allows organizers to manage the sale of pitches, export info to the Bill of Quantities, and share relevant information seamlessly.

Crowd Management

Plan crowd flow at ingress, egress and across your festival site

Keeping visitors safe requires accurate siting of perimeter fences, crowd barriers and rope dividers. OnePlan’s dynamic platform enables you to accurately plot the type and size of crowd control system directly on to your festival site. You can then view these in different modes including satellite and aerial maps, in day and night time.

Intuitive Calculators

Calculate Your Campsite Capacity

OnePlan’s camping calculator, developed using The Purple Guide, serves as a valuable guide for planning campsites based on tent footprints and density levels. This tool ensures optimal space utilization, easy navigation, and adherence to industry guidelines.

Event Technology Awards

Winner, Best Festival Technology

2022 & 2021 & 2020

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Make a tasty plan for your festival

Map and Plan your event site to scale, with pinpoint accuracy for placing vendors and suppliers. 
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Our Core Features

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One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools to plan your event site. 

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National Cherry Festival

Learn how the US National Cherry Festival uses OnePlan to plan its event for 600,000 attendees.

Single source of truth

Get an integrated, accurate view of your festival site

OnePlan’s single-source festival planning tool enables real-time collaboration between site operations, security, power, water, staging vendors, merchants and all festival overlay. The integrated plan provides a precise layer by layer overview, so you can visualise your site in just one plan and share it with partners and suppliers.

Place fencing, barriers, crowd control, parking, toilets, water points, tents, staging and more



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Food and Drink in OnePlan

Food and Drink

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Ticket Booth

Real-time dashboard reports
Manage inventory and view the event’s Bill of Quantities
Intelligent GIS tools
Instantly calculate lengths, areas and capacities 
Manage suppliers
Download and share inventory requirements with suppliers
Collaborate with stakeholders
Give partners, vendors, local authorities real-time access to the event plan
Professional visualisation tools
Plan with Grids & Rulers, and add Notes, Images & Video
We’re a proud member of A Greener Festival, helping festivals and events around the world to be more sustainable.


With fencing, barriers, crowd control, parking, toilets, water points, tents, staging, staffing and so much more, OnePlan gives you control over every aspect of your festival plan.
Festival planning in OnePlan

Custom tools for Fairs & Shows

Currently using screenshots in Powerpoint, or designing your event site on the back of a napkin? Switch to our low-cost, easy to use solution so you can plan like a pro.

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