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Planning a Festival using OnePlan’s Festival Pack

Food Truck Festival

Festivals are incredible events that bring people together to celebrate live performances, art, and a sense of community. Though planning them can be an intricate and challenging process. OnePlan has recently announced the launch of our new Festival Pack, specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of festival organizers.

OnePlan's Festival Pack: A Game-Changer for Festival Planning

The Festival Pack is a comprehensive solution that simplifies the many aspects of festival planning. Say goodbye to planning festivals with multiple spreadsheets and never-ending emails. With tools specifically tailored to vendor management, campsite management, and festival infrastructure, the Festival Pack provides everything you need to efficiently manage your event. Key features include:

Campsite Capacity Tool

One of the most significant challenges in planning a music festival is designing a comfortable and safe campsite layout. The Campsite capacity tool helps organisers when planning or plotting campsites to understand the space available to them and takes into consideration the space around the tent as well as the footprint of the tent itself. OnePlan’s camping calculator was developed using The Purple Guide and serves as a valuable guide for planning campsites based on tent footprints and density levels.

It has 3 levels of campsite density. This is based on how close the tents are to each other if guide ropes have been used and space between tents.

High: 6 sq meters / per tent – Tents are close together, guide ropes are not angled out from tents, and would tend to be a younger crowd close to the arena/main festival area. There is not a lot of circulation space and you would likely struggle or have to take time when walking through this space. 

Medium: 18 sq meters / per tent – Tents have space to move between, and guide ropes are angled out and installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This would tend to be the optimum and ideal way to lay out a campsite.

Low: 24 sq meters / per tent – Tents have ample space around them to walk through without having to worry about tripping up over guide ropes. This could be a family camping area or space well away from the main arena. 

This tool ensures optimal space utilization, easy navigation, and adherence to industry guidelines.

Vendor Management

The Festival Pack streamlines the process of managing food, drink, market, and craft stalls, as well as merchandise vendors. By keeping all key information in one place, OnePlan allows organizers to manage the sale of pitches and share relevant information seamlessly.

Festival Infrastructure

With a library of icons for stages, bars, PA systems, and more, OnePlan’s Festival Pack enables you to create detailed site plans that accurately represent your festival’s layout.

Collaboration and Accessibility

OnePlan’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to smaller or non-profit organizers who may not have access to specialized CAD software. It also promotes collaboration among stakeholders by allowing real-time communication and editing. This feature is invaluable for ensuring that all aspects of the event are considered and addressed by your team.

OnePlan’s Festival Pack offers an all-in-one solution for planning and executing a successful music festival. With its innovative camping calculator and a suite of powerful tools specifically designed for festival organizers, the Festival Pack simplifies your planning process and helps you create an event that truly stands out. Don’t miss the opportunity to harness the full potential of OnePlan’s Festival Pack for your next music festival. Experience the difference it can make in streamlining your planning and ensuring an unforgettable event for all.

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