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Event Plans of the Month – March

Event Plans of the Month - March

March marks the start of Spring, and this month our event planners have not disappointed. Here’s a selection of our favourite event plans from this month!


Winterskol EPTOM Event Plan

Wintersköl is Aspen’s longest running winter event since 1951 and is a community event produced and executed by the Aspen Chamber Resort Association.

Julie Hardman, Senior Director of Events says “As an event planner, I have searched for years for a good event mapping software and finally discovered OnePlan. Its been a great, intuitive platform to create our event maps with the ability to add extensive descriptions and information as needed. We shared this venue map with our operations team, vendors and included in our permits to the City of Aspen. The final map looks very professional and includes a key to identify objects. The support team at OnePlan has been amazing and very responsive to our needs. Thank you OnePlan for making our event planning lives easier!”

At OnePlan, our goal is to enhance the accessibility of our software, ensuring it encompasses everything required to host a successful community event. We are thrilled by the enthusiasm shown by the Chamber Association towards our product! If you are a local/city government don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.

Parkenfestivalen 2023

EPTOM Parkenfestivalen

Parkenfestivalen, in Bodø, Norway has been a tradition since 2006 and keeps getting bigger and better. The Rock, Hip Hop and R&B festival saw artists including Karpe, Highasakite and Leftfield in 2023, and has a super impressive Line-up in store for the sold out Parkenfestivalen 2024. Parkenfestivalen is an amazing example of a seamless music festival plan created in OnePlan!  

This event plan is a great example of how event planners can utilise the label feature effectively – changing the opacity of the labels to not hide the shape of the object, but make clear to their  stakeholders the details of their plans.

Omagh St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day was on March 17, celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland. There were over 50 St. Patrick’s Day celebrations planned in OnePlan, and here is a great example from Urban Events, Northern Ireland, with their Omagh St Patrick’s Day Parade!

This event plan demonstrates how OnePlan’s traffic management features can be used to mark out road closures across your event site, allowing for smooth approval processes with authorities in the lead up to event day.

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