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Over 50,000 Events Now Planned Worldwide in OnePlan

50,000 events created in OnePlan graphic

We’re thrilled to share that over 50,000 events have now been planned in OnePlan! From festivals to road events, campsites to fairs, stadiums to mega events – and so much more – there’s been an astonishing breadth of event types created in 110 countries worldwide in OnePlan.

So we want to take a moment to celebrate just a few of the awesome event site plans that have been created in OnePlan to reach this milestone. Click on any link in this blog post to learn more about each specific event featured.  


OnePlan has an extensive suite of tools for festival organizers, with hundreds of specialist objects and intelligent calculators that instantly show area sizes and capacities. Here’s a handful of recent festivals that have planned in OnePlan across the world. 

Parkenfestivalen (Bodø, Norway): This Rock, Hip Hop, and R&B festival has grown bigger each year. OnePlan helps the festival seamlessly plan its layout with effective labelling of objects aiding the organizer’s stakeholder engagement.

Scotiabank Hockey Day (Canada): This community celebration of hockey uses OnePlan’s mapping software to adjust site maps easily and support event planning needs.

Great Fair of Shalford (UK): This historic event in the quaint Surrey village of Shalford runs every two years. Its most recent edition was organized by self-professed amateur Frank Ago who planned 4x faster than before and says: “OnePlan turns me into a professional event organizer.” 

North Australia Festival of the Arts (Queensland, Australia): This Arts and Performance festival spans two weeks, with an impressive range of contributors and vendors. The quality of HD maps in OnePlan has helped this festival make real-time, informed decisions that eliminates guesswork. 

Road Events

Road events including marathons, triathlons, parades and street fairs require a high level of stakeholder collaboration, especially with local authorities given the demands for robust traffic management. For the Sydney Harbour 10k to USA Triathlon’s integration of OnePlan, the Tour of Britain and so many others, OnePlan provides road events with significant time and cost savings, and a big risk reduction. 

Buffalo Marathon Weekend (Buffalo, New York): This event showcases how OnePlan can manage an entire weekend of activities. Race Director Rich Clark shared, “OnePlan took a weekend of events with documents galore and combined it into one digital map that all members of the team can collaborate on.”

Omagh St Patrick’s Day Parade (Omagh, Northern Ireland): Urban Events used OnePlan’s traffic management features to plan road closures and ensure a smooth approval process with authorities.

World Triathlon (multiple locations): The international federation for Triathlons partnered with OnePlan to shape the Triathlons pack within our platform. With over 100 objects unique to triathlon planning, it’s the ultimate way to organize a triathlon event.  for a structured step-by-step approach to planning. 

Triathlon planners can get extra value by downloading our Triathlon Planning Guide for a structured step-by-step approach to planning. 

Multi-purpose venues

Indoor and outdoor multi-purpose venues, including sports and entertainment stadiums, arenas and conference centers are benefitting from OnePlan’s unique, easy-to-use functionality. Our users upload 100 CAD and floor plan files per month on average, meaning they can easily plan on different floor levels in a building. And for major venues that want to visualise their venues and operational plans in a 3D digital twin, our VenueTwin view is just a click away. 

ExCeL London (UK): London’s leading event venue uses VenueTwin technology to create interactive 3D virtual walkthroughs, helping event organizers make better decisions about event locations and flow. This technology reduces the need for in-person site visits and allows organizers to share bespoke visuals with stakeholders, aiding in efficient and sustainable planning. Arena (Los Angeles, California): Home to the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers, NHL’s Kings, and WNBA’s Sparks, this iconic venue uses OnePlan’s GIS mapping and digital twin software to rapidly customize the venue for events, streamline collaborations, and enhance guest safety by accurately planning security resource placement.

Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (France): As the Official Supporter of GIS Mapping and Digital Twin Software for Paris 2024, OnePlan’s award-winning software is being used to plan 49 venues for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. OnePlan is used by 46 departments, or functional areas, within the organizing committee and our VenueTwins can be accessed by 206 National Olympic and Paralympic Committees (NOCs and NPCs). See here for some of the digital twins we’ve created for Paris 2024

Local government events

City councils, Chambers of Commerce and other local government organizations benefit from managing multiple events in one collaborative platform. 

City of Greater Dandenong (Victoria, Australia): This vibrant community has used OnePlan to seamlessly organize various public gatherings, some up for 33,000 people, enhancing community engagement and participation.

Wintersköl (Aspen, Colorado): Aspen’s longest-running winter event since 1951, organized by the Aspen Chamber Resort Association. Julie Hardman, Senior Director of Events, praised OnePlan for its intuitive platform and professional-looking maps: “It’s a great, intuitive platform to create our event maps with the ability to add extensive descriptions and information as needed.” See one of their event plans below:

Winterskol EPTOM Event Plan

Eagle Mountain City (Utah, USA): This community organizes outdoor events with up to 50 vendors. OnePlan has led to a 70% time saving for its planning, and is delivering a 5x return on investment on its subscription. 

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