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OnePlan for Schools, Colleges & Universities

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A next-gen solution for the next generation of event creators

Give your students hands-on experience using professional event planning software.
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"By working with OnePlan, students can demonstrate to employers that they are industry-ready."

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Manchester Metropolitan University

OnePlan is taught on Event Management courses at leading Universities and Higher Education institutions

BIMM Institute Brighton
Liverpool John Moores University
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Sheffield Hallam University

Thousands of events

The easy-to-use software trusted by the world's best events

Give your students hands-on experience and allow them to work collaboratively in real-time to create, plan, assess, review, adapt, manage and deliver an event. With the full suite of planning, design and management tools, OnePlan will teach them every aspect of site and event planning as they take their event from concept to delivery.

The world's best event planning platform
in your students' hands

Learning support materials featuring video-led training from an event industry expert and easy-to-follow guide for how to use OnePlan

Real-world event planning tasks for students to collaborate together and plan all aspects of staging an event or festival  

Industry-ready training on a pioneering event management tool, providing a pathway to employment for your students

👉 Case Study

Manchester Met University

Learn how Manchester Metropolitan University uses OnePlan to train the next generation of event organisers.

Event Management course

Real-world event planning and management learning

Students submit site plans and presentations for assessment just as they would in a professional environment. Replicate real world tasks in the classroom. For those looking at a career in events planning or events management, there is no better learning tool.

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Hi-res, up-to-date, scalable maps and images

There’s no need for pen and paper planning. OnePlan has the world’s best selection of 2D, HD and satellite maps for students to train on. Place and move infrastructure, vehicles, staff and much more, on high-resolution maps

Interactive software

Design and position infrastructure with the click of a button

Combining mapping, database and artwork functions, OnePlan gives students the tools to scope, design and position every piece of infrastructure, from the smallest sign to the largest cabin.

👉 Case Study

HMKW University, Berlin

Discover how HMKW University, Berlin, trains its Event Management students remotely using OnePlan.

We’re a proud member of A Greener Festival, helping festivals and events around the world to be more sustainable.

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