OnePlan is relied on by colleges and universities to teach and support the next generation of event planners and event managers. For anyone studying Event Management or Event Planning at Higher Education or Further Education, OnePlan has become an essential learning aid. Give your students the same tools as the professionals.
The next generation of event planning and management learning.
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The most dynamic event planning and management educational tool.

Give your students hands-on experience and allow them to work collaboratively in real-time as they create, plan, assess, review, adapt, manage and deliver an event. With the full suite of planning, design and management tools, OnePlan will teach them every aspect of site and event planning and management as they take their event from concept to delivery and beyond.

Hands-on event planning and management learning.

Students submit site plans and presentations for assessment just as they would in a professional environment. Replicate real world tasks in the classroom. For those looking at a career in events planning or events management, there is no better learning tool.
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Hi-res, up-to-date, scalable maps and images.

Say goodbye to outdated, inflexible, unclear and incompatible map and image formats. The OnePlan Canvas tool gives you access to a comprehensive database of accurate, up-to-date, high-resolution and scalable maps and images with nine different layers,

Design and position infrastructure with the click of a button.

Combining mapping, database and artwork functions, OnePlan signs gives you the tools to scope, design, produce, position and order every piece of infrastructure, from the smallest sign to the largest cabin, without having to reply on other programs
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Map and position with pinpoint accuracy.

All items that are plotted in the OnePlan platform are geo located with GPS coordinates and a unique ‘What 3 Words’ address. This ensures all overlay is planned and installed with pinpoint accuracy the first time.

Turn your 2D vision into 3D reality.

See your event come to life as you plan. Using OnePlan 3D, build and adapt your event site in interactive 3D, enabling people to see your design from every angle and walk through the site or venue at eye level or with an aerial view.
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Give your students access to the world’s best event planning platform

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