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OnePlan Studio

OnePlan Studio is a comprehensive GIS mapping platform to plan events of any scale and intricacy with ease. With OnePlan Studio, calculate the crowd capacity of your venue and plan out your event items with centimeter-level precision. 


View and switch between high-resolution maps and images of global locations with multiple options including satellite, aerial and black and white mode.

Event Packs

OnePlan has free-to-use Event Packs with 100s of specialist objects for a wide range of events. The Event Packs can be found in the ‘More’ menu category in the left-hand menu of your OnePlan map view.

Infrastructure, Vehicles & More

Car parking, changing and toilet facilities, waste management, catering, camping areas, entertainment, backstage areas – easily design your event site with all the infrastructure you need in OnePlan.

Vendor Management

Manage vendors directly in OnePlan. Give vendors access to your event plan, to record their event requirements. Each item on your map has a vendor management section where you can input information like: Vendor name, Cost, In-and-out dates, Availability, Power requirements, WiFi, Furniture requirements.


Select furniture on your Event Plans or CAD drawings. OnePlan studio has hundreds of furniture options from sofas, picnic benches, dining tables, desks and more.


Improve communication and collaboration with partners and suppliers. A huge reduction in need for site visits when everything can be done in the virtual digital twin environment saving hours of planning time and costs.

Export to PDF

You can now export your plans as a PDF and then share or view on any different device or platform.

This feature makes it easier than ever to collaborate with team members, share plans with clients or stakeholders, or simply keep a hard copy for your records

CAD in OnePlan

With OnePlan, you can import your CAD file to allow you to plan and visualize your event in your venue. With CAD, you can accurately measure and map out your venue, ensuring that your event plan and every item needed fits perfectly within the space. CAD in OnePlan also lets you experiment with different layouts and configurations, giving you the flexibility to design your event.


Easily place and move items such as seating, tables and branding on a hyper-realistic suite floor plan, customised to your client’s needs.

Floor Plans and Layouts

One of the most important aspects of event planning is having a clear understanding of the venue layout, and that’s where Floor Plans and Layouts come in. Floor Plans and Layouts are simply scaled drawings or designs that we can import to help you plan your event.
sports stadium in Venue Twin

Venue Renovations & New Builds

We can create an interactive 3D digital twin from your architectural files, that you can use commercially in the years before your venue build is complete. 

Venue Twin

Venue Twin is the 3D digital twin of your venue, that seamlessly interconnects with the OnePlan studio. With Venue Twin, you can explore every inch of your venue in 3D, from the ceiling to the floor. You can visualize your game day and non-game day plans exactly how they’ll look in real life, to help you plan for any scenario.

MediaManager feature in Venue Twin by OnePlan

Media Manager

Position branding and navigational signs. MediaManager lets you upload any sign and position it how you want. Use it for partner branding and advertising, as well as navigational signage around your venue.

Camera Manager

Broadcasters can use your Venue Twin to upload camera make and model information, and define TV camera views. Use this feature to plan any required seat kills, and to switch between cameras to plan television production. 

Camera Operator in Venue Twin Commonwealth Stadium


Design your venue’s premium hospitality, and use Venue Twin as a sales tool to attract brand partners, sponsors and individual buyers.


Using the SeatView feature, give fans the ultimate view when buying their tickets. They can navigate and switch positions as they want, and even fly from outside the stadium direct to their seat. 

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