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The world's leading event site and venue planning platform

We help event organizers and venue owners plan safe and successful events, together with their stakeholders.

We started OnePlan to radically improve and simplify how event sites are planned

Back in 2019, most people planning an event site or venue used a mix of non-specialist tools to plan their event or festival, including taking a screenshot of a map, pasting it into PowerPoint and drawing on it. We created OnePlan to revolutionise this process, so event planners could plan more efficiently, save time and money, and collaborate easily with their partners and stakeholders. 

OnePlan has instant, built-in intelligence that shows area space and capacity, meaning event organizers can plan accurately and to scale. It lets venue owners and event planners import existing CAD files and plan independently on different floor levels. And it has real-time dashboard reports making it easy to manage inventory and the overall event plan. 

OnePlan with multiple benefits

OnePlan enables anyone to easily plan an event, festival, market, wedding or any type of occasion on a map.

VenueTwin is the hyper-realistic way for venues to plan operations, security and sell hospitality, tickets & advertising.

Road Events

Accurately plan every aspect of your route including operations, overlay, staffing, and procure directly from suppliers.


Take full control of your festival – with fencing, barriers, staging, crowd control, water points and more to plot.
Event plan in OnePlan

Outdoor Events

Ensure safe and successful events for participants and attendees with our social distancing toolkit.

Specialist tools to plan any event site

OnePlan has hundreds of objects to choose from, with more added regularly. Developed by event experts in each sector.

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Our Team and Open Roles

OnePlan has an international, remote-working team, spanning five continents and over ten countries. As a remote-only company, we have a flexible approach that respects how each individual in our team prefers to work. We respect everyone’s individuality, knowing that’s what makes us a stronger team. 

Want to join us? We’d love to hear from you. See our Jobs page for any open roles. 

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Our Company Values

OnePlan core values support our vision, shape our culture and identity, and reflect what is important to us as an organisation. Our values connect us globally, are at the heart of all our decision making processes, and help not only better ourselves but our clients and future recruits.

Alchemist of Talents

Eye for Detail


Make New Mistakes

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Employer Value Proposition

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