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Map and Plan Cycling Events

Free, easy-to-use, professional event site planning software, with hundreds of cycling specific tools

150+ Cycling specific tools in one system

Plan routes accurately and easily

"OnePlan enhances the information we're able to share with our stakeholders and provides a much clearer picture of where all the event infrastructure will be placed on the day - not just at the starts and finishes but also along the route."

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SweetSpot, Route Director

OnePlan solves multiple Cycling 'pain points'

Typical cycling event organizer 'pain points'

The OnePlan Cycling pack solutions

Easily mark potholes and other route hazards

Mark in your event plan any potholes and other road hazards

Upload photos & videos of hazards at exact location

Select from hundreds of items to drag and drop on your event site

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Meeting point

Fixed Camera

Broom wagon

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Race Arch

Vehicle team

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First aid

Flamme rouge

A streamlined way to collaborate

Manage stakeholders in one plan

Collaborate with local authorities, traffic management teams, security, cycling teams, sponsors and any stakeholder in one event plan. This gives all stakeholders the ability to review the entire race route easily, with all infrastructure and operational instructions visible. 

Learn how to use OnePlan's Cycling tools
with our cycling specialist

Learn how to use OnePlan's Cycling tools
with our cycling specialist

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Over 8,000 events in 100 countries trust OnePlan to plan and manage their events
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Centimetre accurate event planning

The best selection up-to-date 2D, HD and Satellite maps

  • Easily switch between map views for however you prefer to plan
  • Position infrastructure, vehicles, workforce and any object you want with total accuracy

Road Events

Accurately plan every aspect of your route including operations, overlay, staffing, and procure directly from suppliers.


Take full control of your festival – with fencing, barriers, staging, crowd control, water points and more to plot.
Event plan in OnePlan

Outdoor Events

Ensure safe and successful events for participants and attendees with our social distancing toolkit.

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