Event Planning

One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools. Map, plan and procure for
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Event Planning

OnePlan is a collaborative, real-time platform that provides the full suite of event planning, design and management tools. The single source of truth for your events.

What Do You Do?

Beach swim event

Event Agencies

Develop event and site plans that fulfil every obligation, meet every need and prepare for every eventuality.
3D interactive Venue Twin

Sports Federation

OnePlan is used by over 1,500 events and venues including some of the world’s biggest stadiums, associations and clubs.
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Organising Committees

OnePlan is the best tool an organising committee needs to plan and manage a successful event, from start to finish.

Fully interactive 3D Venue Twin

Plan your stadium or arena operations in the most advanced, fully interactive 3D solution.

Why People
Choose OnePlan

Work with every member of your team as you create, plan, assess, review, adapt, manage and deliver your event.

Eliminate the need for multiple documents, the use of incompatible software, and the reliance on outdated maps and images.

Too many processes work in isolation. OnePlan centralises and automates event planning and management with simple and intuitive tools.

For a single subscription, OnePlan gives you all the event planning, design and management tools you need.

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What Are You

Cycling road event

Road Events

The quickest way to coordinate your marathon, triathlon, carnival or parade. View, edit and share in real-time.
Outdoor festival at night

Outdoor Festivals

Plan and manage your fencing, barriers, crowd control, camping, parking, staging, vendors and security from a single source.

Trusted By the Best Events Across the World

Over 2,000 events in 50 countries trust OnePlan to plan and manage their events
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