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Welcoming the GOAT to your venue soon? Use our new GOAT pack to plan for everything you need.

The GOAT pack is a new set of 30+ objects in OnePlan that lets you plan efficiently for when the GOAT’s in town. Be it for Major League Soccer, NBA or any sports event, the GOAT pack has all the tools you need for the superstar’s visit. Plan for the team bus journey, plot zones for the away fans, place the GOAT’s bodyguard, add the VIP guestlist and so much more. 

Easy-to-use and available now!

Celebrity fans? Yes. Selfie zone? In. Afterparty? Sorted. The GOAT pack has everything you need to plan for the GOAT on and off the pitch. 

Simply ‘click and drop’ any object from the GOAT pack into place on your map, to plan for their arrival. 

GOAT objects on event plan in OnePlan

Plan for the GOAT on and off the pitch with 30+ new objects in the GOAT pack

GOAT object in OnePlan


GOAT bodyguard icon in OnePlan

GOAT bodyguard

Selfie Zone icon in OnePlan

Selfie Zone

GOAT family lounge icon in OnePlan

GOAT Family Lounge

Guest list icon in OnePlan

Guest List to add information

GOAT merchandise icon in OnePlan

GOAT merchandise

Afterparty icon in OnePlan


Position the GOAT's Bodyguard pitch-side for their protection

Security guards are getting closer than ever to the action, tracking the GOAT’s every move to keep them safe from pitch invasions and other fan behavior. 

OnePlan’s GOAT pack include a ‘GOAT Bodyguard’ object you can place on your event map for when the GOAT’s in town. 

GOAT bodyguard icon in OnePlan

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