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International Event Guidance

Search our database of official rules and guidance to find the information you need to plan your events.

A guide focusing on the key aspects of event planning and the council’s event requirements. It provides a useful reference but is not a definitive source.

A guide with introductory information for security. It includes details about general guarding, guarding with dogs, firearms, crowd control, bodyguards and licensees in Tasmania.

A guide highlighting the threats that occur in large crowds and how they can be overcome to ensure saftey.

A guide designed for event supervisors and managers which can also be used by waste contractors, local councils and waste educators.

The study provides clarity on these threats from 2014 on “active shooter” incidents, designed to help law enforcement with data so they can better understand how to prevent, prepare for and recover from these incidents.

A guide developed by the meetings and events industry of Australia it is in partnership with the human rights and equal opportunity commission and is designed for people organising events to ensure accessibility for all.

Guidelines designed to increase the understanding of an active armed offender in a crowd. They highlight key roles for owners and operators: so they can prevent, prepare and respond to the risks proposed by such a threat.

Active Armed Offender Guidelines for Crowded Places, Appendix A

Active Armed Offender Guidelines for Crowded Places, Appendix B

Active Armed Offender Guidelines for Crowded Places, Appendix C

Guidelines designed to increase the understanding of threats posed by an active shooter. They highlight key roles for owners and operators: so they can prevent, prepare and respond to the risks proposed by such a threat.

An Act establishing the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust, defining the functions and powers, to provide for the Adelaide Festival Centre management and operations.

An Act to establish the Adelaide Festival Corporation; to provide for the conduct of the
Adelaide Festival of Arts; and for other purposes.

An Act to provide for the erection in the City of Adelaide of a Festival Theatre and for the
financing there of and matters connected therewith and incidental there to and for other

A document aim to strike a balance between events in park lands and recognising their unique environmental needs of event sites. The plan looks at identifying suitable event spaces in parkland and providing guidance on how to fit the event types of the site.

An Act to empower the Governor to make regulations and the Council of the Royal
Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia Incorporated, to make by-laws
for certain purposes.

An Act to provide for the issue to a person of at least 15 years of a card that may be used as proof of the age of its holder, and matters relating to the card

An Act making provisions for the treatment and control of people suffering with alcohol dependency or drug dependency. It brings an end to the provisions of the Inebriates Act 1885 and the Inebriate Hospitals Act 1892 and certain provisions of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1959.

Regulations under the Alcohol and Drug Dependency Act 1968.

Police guidance and contacts for reporting Alcohol and Drugs

A project aiming to develop a document for police services all across Australia identify the best practice strategies to reduce alcohol-related harm in licensed premises.

An act with three main parts are; providing treatment, management, care and habilitation of people experiencing alcohol or drug use problems, promoting and subsidising research and education into alcohol and other drug use problems, establishing a coordinated focus on alcohol and other drug through the mental health implications.

Guidance for young people regarding the consumption and purchasing of Alcohol and Drugs

Information on Victorian law in relation to under age drinking and providing suggestions for minimising the harm.

Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds give advice to sports grounds that may host alternate
events such as religious gatherings and concerts.

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.

An Act relating to the criminal law, and for other purposes

This study identifies key risk factors impacting the crowd controller to patron ratio decision and develops
decision aids (Crowd Controller Assessment Tools) for use by those faced with advising on, or making
decisions about, crowd management. In undertaking this enquiry, current Australian and international literature
were reviewed to contextualise the project and create a basis for understanding a range of factors that impact
crowd and alcohol-related violence in the context of public events and venues.

This resource aims to provide practical guidance to event holders to assist with managing risks
associated with their events.

An Act to promote equality of opportunity for everyone by protecting them from unfair discrimination in certain areas of activity and from sexual harassment and certain associated objectionable conduct

An Act to prohibit discrimination and other specified conduct and to provide for the investigation and conciliation of, and inquiry into, complaints in relation to such discrimination and conduct

An approved security industry organisation is an organisation recognised by Victoria Police to provide support and professional development to industry

Approved security industry organisations are able to provide the mandatory professional development courses needed to hold a business licence.

The purpose of Australia’s counter-terrorism effort is to safeguard Australia, its people and its interests from the harms of terrorism and violent extremism. This will be achieved through: countering violent extremism in all its forms by preventing radicalisation of individuals before an attack takes place, and rehabilitating and reintegrating violent extremist offenders equipping our law enforcement, security intelligence and other operational agencies with the resources and powers to tackle terrorist threats ensuring our counter-terrorism arrangements are resilient, collaborative, consistent and proportionate both nationally and internationally.

This reflects the advice of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) that individuals and groups continue to possess the intent and capability
to conduct a terrorist attack in Australia. The elevated terrorist threat is likely to persist for the foreseeable future and it is not confined to any one city or metropolitan area.

An Act to make provision for the operation of the Australian Crime Commission in the ACT, to repeal the National Crime Authority (Territory Provisions) Act 1991, and for related purposes

An Act to make provision for the operation of the Australian Crime Commission in Tasmania, to repeal the National Crime Authority (State Provisions) Act 1985 and for related purposes

provides an authoritative, trusted and freely available source of knowledge about disaster resilience principles in Australia
aligns national disaster resilience strategy and policy with practice, by guiding and supporting jurisdictions, agencies and other organisations and individuals in their implementation and adoption
highlights and promotes the adoption of good practice in building disaster resilience in Australia
builds interoperability between jurisdictions, agencies, the private sector, local businesses and community groups by promoting use of a common language and coordinated, nationally agreed principles.

Expert advice, valuation and measurement today form crucial elements of
any major events or tourism campaign. Repucom provided this insight and
more, drawing on over 25 years’ experience at the forefront of media impact
and value analysis in the global sports, event and entertainment sectors.
Repucom is the only global independent source of Holistic Evaluation and
Impact Measurement focused on measuring and quantifying:
• Economic Impact
• Global Media Coverage, audiences and value for host destinations
• Community Impact.

These two documents were produced as a collaborative project between
stakeholders in the live music industry and the South Australian Government. In
particular, the Music Industry Council, the Music Development Office and the Live
Music Office. Music SA would also like to would like to thank the following
organisations and individuals for their input: Adelaide City Council, the Australian
Hotels Association (SA Branch), the Environmental Protection Authority, the
Local Government Association, the Grace Emily Hotel, the Department of
Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, APRA AMCOS, SAPOL, Consumer and
Business Services (Liquor Licensing), Attorney General’s Department,
Department of Premier and Cabinet, 5/4 Entertainment, SA Metropolitan Fire
Service, Department of State Development, Damian Cunningham, Ryan Winter,
Patrick Donovan (Music Victoria), Joe Hay and the staff of Music SA.

An Act to regulate the conduct of professional and amateur boxing, and for related purposes

A resource to help event planners create a safe and successful event. It contains the best existing practiices which are designed to complement emergency plans, policies and regulations.

This regulation is reprinted as at 1 July 2009. The reprint shows the law as amended by all
amendments that commenced on or before that day (Reprints Act 1992 s 5(c)).
The reprint includes a reference to the law by which each amendment was made—see list
of legislation and list of annotations in endnotes. Also see list of legislation for any
uncommenced amendments.

This ‘Fire Safety Management Tool for Owner/Occupiers’ should be read in conjunction with the comprehensive ‘Advisory Notes for the
Fire Safety Management Tool for Owner/Occupiers’. These provide clarification of terms referenced below with the numbers directly
correlating with the numbers listed within the Advisory Notes.

A guide to safety in Canada soccer. It contains information, the best practices and principles and how to ensure safe environments and participation. It covers subjects including responsible coaching, injuries, anti-doping, equipment kand psychological saftey.

Our policies and procedures guide what the Queensland Police Service (QPS) does, and how we do it. Manuals are reference tools that help police officers correctly implement our policies and procedures.

There is close cooperation between all levels of government, the private sector, and the public on protecting crowded places from terrorism. These arrangements are laid out in Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism, available at

Police Guidance and support contacts for Child Protection

This document provides an overview of contacts, organisations, groups and permits required to run a major event in and around Hobart. Including required licences, contact details for relevant authorities, venue booking details, and other important factors to consider when planning a major event in and around Hobart. Small to medium sized events will not need to address every aspect of this guide, but can use it to help form a comprehensive event plan.

An event guide for the city of Ottawa

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 makes provisions about civil contingencies. Additionally it
replaces former Civil Defence and Emergency Powers legislation of the 20th century.

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