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Dot Planning


The most advanced staff planning solution for event organisers to manage staff on-site.

Precise dot planning

Full overview of your on-site event staff

Staff, volunteers, security, medics, stewards, marshalls or officials – use OnePlan to ensure that every member of your team knows their role, responsibilities and location for a successful event.

Real-time Collaboration

Immediate event staff identification and location

Using GIS data and geo-spatial technology, with OnePlan you can immediately identify the accurate location of any team member on-site or within your venue. 

Event security

Precise dot planning

Every team member accounted for

Every dot is given a unique record in the menu, allowing you to add key operational details and specific notes for the position of each person. This can be exported as a spreadsheet to create sign-in sheets, health and safety documents and presentations.

Our Core Features

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One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools to plan your event site. 

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