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Vendor Management

Manage vendors directly in OnePlan

Give vendors access to your event plan, to record their event requirements. 

Every item on your map assigned a vendor

With OnePlan, you can design and map your event site while also managing vendors. Each item on your map has a vendor management section where you can input information like:

Our all-in-one solution has no unexpected costs, with vendor management capabilities fully included.

Access data and create vendor reports

With OnePlan, you have full ownership of your vendor data.  You can access and export vendor details and information via a vendor map. 

No more long Excel spreadsheets or duplicate copies of data – all your vendor details are displayed on your event map and easily accessible.

Integrate with your existing vendor management system

OnePlan is always updating and optimising our product. If you have a current vendor management system you love and you’re on a Professional OnePlan plan, contact us and we’ll see if integrating your system is possible. 

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Our Core Features

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One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools to plan your event site. 

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