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The world’s best selection of up-to-date, 2D, HD, aerial and satellite maps to plan your events.

The highest quality maps to plan events

View and switch between high-resolution maps and images of global locations with multiple options including aerial, satellite, black and white, and high-resolution maps.

Easily switch between map options

Satellite maps, in colour or black and white

Our satellite imagery is up to five-times higher definition than standard photographs and allows you to choose the date and time it was taken – as recently as two weeks ago.

“The mapping feature and drawing boundaries around specific areas has been super useful in developing the overall site plan." ​

Phil Morgan

Event Organiser, GoCreate

Upgrade to HD Maps

Plan in high resolution in some countries, for greater clarity and to select the date when the aerial imagery was taken. 

Google Satellite view HD Map view

Aerial images from planes and drones, available in OnePlan

OnePlan can provide the highest quality map views for your planning. This includes aerial images taken from planes and drones, giving you next-level accuracy.

As this requires Government authorisation, this service is currently limited to certain locations including the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. 

UK Ordnance Survey mapping

In the UK, we offer direct access to Ordnance Survey mapping, providing accurate base plans for the whole of the UK with accurate and up-to-date road and path layouts.

This can be viewed in colour or grayscale, so you can fully customise how you want your site plans to be displayed.

Need help designing your event site?

Our event site design specialist Alice can quickly help you map and plan your site. 

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One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools to plan your event site. 

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