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How Silverstone plans the F1 British Grand Prix in OnePlan

Learn how Silverstone uses OnePlan as a single source of truth for planning the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, delivering better collaboration with suppliers.
British Grand Prix in OnePlan

Silverstone F1 British Grand Prix

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Race cars, routes and all the infrastructure to support it – Formula 1 races are incredibly complex to plan, and the British Grand Prix is no exception. Silverstone first hosted the British Grand Prix in 1948 and most recently, it’s been planned using OnePlan.

We spoke with Jacalyn Morgan, Senior Event Manager at Silverstone about her experience planning the British Grand Prix using OnePlan. Our event planning software delivers Silverstone a streamlined process that enables collaboration with suppliers. 

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One platform as a single source of truth

Before using OnePlan, Silverstone used tools that many event planners have had to juggle with to date – AutoCAD and Google Maps when necessary. However, these tools aren’t specifically designed for event planning so they experienced commonly seen pain points.

Jacalyn says, “Our previous event planning methods required extensive training to use AutoCAD and the CAD plan was only as up-to-date as the last PDF pulled from it.”

Wanting to combat some of the inefficiencies of the old ways of event planning and looking for a streamlined tool for event organizers, Silverstone started using OnePlan to map, design and manage their events.

“For us, OnePlan is that single source of truth – it’s always up-to-date and allows for instant collaboration, especially in our case with suppliers,” says Jacalyn.

Better collaboration with suppliers when planning events

With OnePlan, Silverstone found they were saving time by using the platform. OnePlan enabled more efficient communication with safety advisory groups and organizers, as well as managing suppliers, where time was saved in the installation phase on the event site.

“Using OnePlan streamlined processes, for sure. The bill of quantities told us exactly how many barriers we needed for an area which helps cut down on the amount of spreadsheets we have with suppliers. ”

Bill of Quantities in OnePlan

Bill of Quantities menu in OnePlan

Silverstone also found OnePlan’s What3words integration a simple way to talk about exact location and beneficial to a location-accurate plan. What3words is a tool that carves out the world into 3m x 3m squares each with a unique 3 word identifier. It cuts down on items installed or placed in wrong locations and any time wasted on correcting or directing suppliers. 

“For a site as big as ours, having that pinpointed location becomes really useful. To know if you mark a barrier, exactly know where it will go.”

Racing fans at Silverstone

Looking to the future

Finally, the Silverstone team are excited to see what future integrations are possible within OnePlan. This could be how it integrates to an instant management system, with OnePlan data fully integrated. 

“For us, OnePlan is that single source of truth. It's always up-to-date and allows for instant collaboration, especially in our case with suppliers.”

Jacalyn Morgan, Senior Event Manager, Silverstone

From Silverstone’s track to our roadmap, we aim to continuously improve OnePlan based on our users’ feedback with the shared goal of making event planning simpler and better. 

Get started on OnePlan for free, or book a 15 minute demo with one of our event planning specialists to start your OnePlan journey.

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