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World Triathlon’s customised version of OnePlan, available for all triathlon planners

Read how World Triathlon have partnered with OnePlan to create a customised 'OnePlan for Triathlons' platform, to manage their 28 international events, and available for all triathlons worldwide

World Triathlon, the governing body for the sport of triathlon, uses a customised version of OnePlan that is available for anyone globally planning a triathlon event.  The ‘OnePlan for Triathlons’ platform features a bespoke menu and toolbar designed by World Triathlon and powered by OnePlan. 

The ground-breaking platform designed by World Triathlon helps to streamline event planning for Local Organising Committees and simplify the staging of the world’s biggest triathlon races. It solves the unique challenges in hosting triathlon events – the system features the full range of items needed to host water, cycling and running events. Specifically designed for triathlon planning and management, it removes the need for organisers to use non-specialist map and planning tools.

The ‘OnePlan for Triathlons’ site planning system allows for highly accurate and collaborative planning between the World Triathlon Operations team and Sports department and the LOCs, where everything from interactive 3D mock-ups right down to barrier placement and quantities can be set up. By combining mapping and visual planning tools, the result is a considerably more hands-on and manageable approach, also allowing less-experienced LOCs to be guided through every step of hosting World Triathlon events safely and efficiently and reducing need for time-consuming site visits.

World Triathlon Sport Director Gergely Markus says, “The benefits of using OnePlan will be felt immediately by all our stakeholders, by enabling us to have every element of every event visible in one place, right down to the smallest details.  Hosting triathlons requires a lot of collaboration from many areas. By using OnePlan, we can reduce time and costs for our LOCs while offering the vital reassurance that all the necessary elements are in place, making hosting World Triathlon events in major cities and new regions more attractive, more straightforward and far easier to manage.”

The OnePlan for Triathlons platform can be used for free by any triathlon event organiser worldwide. 

To start using the platform, visit the OnePlan for Triathlons page and sign up today.  

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