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Top 10 Event Plans of the Month 2023

Top 10 Event Plans of the Month - feature image

Each month our event planners have been impressing us here at OnePlan with their event designs. Here are a few standout event plans from our Event Plans of the Month series in 2023!

Springvale Snow Fest 2023

Springvale Snow Fest 2023 Event Plan

Springvale Snow Fest 2023 is an annual Winter Festival featuring two real snow play areas.  The event also features an artificial ice-skating rink, amusement rides, roving performers, a 7-hour stage program, over 40 food, market and community stalls, free arts and crafts workshops and a fireworks finale.

Patrick Mageean, Festivals and Events Officer, says: “I found using OnePlan for planning our event extremely beneficial. Plotting temporary infrastructure on a street is no easy task and the up-to-date maps ensured I was aware of any new infrastructure, trees and pedestrian crossings which can affect where I can locate things!

“The measuring tool was also great and saved many site visits, especially during a cold and wet winter in Melbourne.”

Patrick continues: “I also really like the ability to use common icons such as first aid, information, hydration and so on. This made showing the locations during the briefing of staff and volunteers much easier on the day. Finally, I also loved the ability to colour code infrastructure – we received great feedback from our contractor about this which made it so much easier to know which stalls where hiring a marquee and those that weren’t.”

We love the use of the different road signs used in this event plan to signal which roads will be closed during the course of the festival. The precise labelling across the event site enables the organiser to easily see every aspect of this festival in one single source of truth – enabling a smooth run up to the event.

Coronation Events - Banbury Town Council

Coronation Event Plan in OnePlan

Party in the Park has been organised by Banbury Town Council in celebration of King Charles III’s Coronation! The event is set to see around 15,000 visitors come along to the free-to-enter community event, featuring ‘The Big Lunch’ and ‘The Big Help Out’.

They said “I love that there are thousands of different items to add onto an event site, and my favourite tool is definitely the crowd barrier one – getting the right number of barriers to different parts of the site has also made me very popular with our operational team too! Having such an accurate site plan has also improved our communications with our contractors and vendors, resulting in a really smooth pre-event setup. Being a one off celebration event, I found the unlock, drag and drop element a great way of being able to draft out a few different site layouts.  I would definitely recommend using OnePlan – we now use it for all of our regular outdoor events including Food Festivals and Christmas Light Switch Ons’!”

We are delighted to hear OnePlan has been such a beneficial planning tool for Banbury Town Council. This impressive event plan is a great example of how OnePlan can enable you to visualise your entire event site accurately, even with the inclusion of a firework zone!

Halloween Town

Halloween Town Event Plan Image

Halloween Town is a city-hosted, community-centered event that is completely free of charge. They extend invitations to local businesses to participate by setting up creatively decorated booths for Halloween, the businesses do not sell anything but instead are asked to provide candy or other goodies to distribute.

The event features a petting zoo, an exciting car show, and performances by local dance companies from their community. On average, they have the pleasure of hosting around 3,000 attendees at this enchanting event.

Dawn Hancock, Events Manager, says “I find it incredibly valuable that I can create my event layout to scale using OnePlan. This feature is a game-changer because it provides me with precise knowledge of the available space, and I can work on an up-to-date park image as well. I especially appreciate the tent icons, the borderless areas, the various walking and driving paths, and the option to label icons – just to highlight a few of the fantastic tools at my disposal.”

This event plan makes great use of OnePlan’s variety of event infrastructure available in the platform, in particular, the various Tent options. Dawn says “One of the most invaluable tools at my disposal is the use of tent icons. These icons not only provide a visual representation of where tents or structures will be positioned but also serve as markers for designated areas. This is particularly crucial when organizing events with various tented sections, as it allows me to clearly delineate the layout and ensure that each area is optimized for its intended purpose.”

QCX 2023

QCX Event Plan

QCX 2023 is a five-day event held at the heart of Regina, Saskatchewan in the REAL District, is an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Each summer they turn up the fun with rides, rollercoasters, games of chance, amazing food, marketplace, and entertainment for all ages.

They said “Utilizing OnePlan for QCX has aided in the improved development of layouts for spaces throughout the district. It enables us to accurately position objects to scale, determine optimal paths for guest movement during the event, and assign staff placements. Ensuring that everything fits properly minimizes last-minute changes in the days leading up to the event, reducing labor expenses.”

“Integration with WhatThreeWords enables us to effectively communicate specific locations to our operations team, which can be challenging on a 100-acre district. The team at One Plan has been supportive and open to adding and creating new objects tailored to our campus, enhancing our ability to track, manage, and develop accurate plans.”

“OnePlan has proven to be a valuable addition to our Major Events team, and we are excited about expanding its usage to other teams to enhance efficiency across the organization.”

With over 700 objects placed, this is a great example of how OnePlan can help plan events at a large scale to ensure every stakeholder is informed with one single source of truth!

2023 USA Triathlon Nationals & PTO US Open

USA Triathlon Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, host to the 2023 PTO US Open, is one of the largest triathlons in the world, attracting over 7,000 age group and elite triathletes over a 3-day event.

“OnePlan is an incredible tool that helps us streamline the venue planning process for our largest events. OnePlan allows us to coordinate the most intimate of details in our venue so we may efficiently plan a safe and memorable event. Having the ability to edit maps concurrently amongst our team, sharing maps externally, and downloading reports of all the equipment in the map has become crucial to our planning process.”

This event plan is an incredible example of how our route planning tools have aided in such a large and complex event! 

New Forest Folk Festival

New Forest Folk Festival Event Plan

Already labelled as one of the friendliest festivals, New Forest Folk Festival is a family-run event with the help of family, friends, helpers, technicians and security who all make the festival a success! Hosted at their own farm situated in Plaitford, the beautiful village setting in the Test Valley district of Hampshire, this event has been running for eleven years!

They said “While we were attending the Showman’s Show last year, we were impressed with the ‘OnePlan’ stand and could see how their stylised maps and site plans could improve our current ones. We spoke, and after discussing our needs, we now have new and improved maps for our programme, which we are all delighted with. ‘OnePlan’ has proved to be friendly, efficient and professional, and we thank them for their input into our festival progress.”

The precise mapping of the areas on this event plan showcases how easy OnePlan makes it to lay out all the different areas of your event site. Our new Camping Capacity Calculator instantly calculates how many tents you can fit into your designated field, choose from high, medium or low density to ensure a safe and successful event for all your attendees! 

Tour of Britain 2023 - Manchester

Tour of Britain Event Plan Black and White Map

The Tour of Britain and Women’s Tour breaks away from the old ways of cycling race planning to instead use OnePlan. It plans the multi-stage, national event in our easy-to-use, accurate platform,  saving hundreds of hours in planning, increasing efficiency and boosting sustainability.

Rob Kennison, Finish Director, says “With OnePlan, plans are ready six months in advance, and they’re a ‘living thing’ until the day before the race instead of weeks’ before”

Using OnePlan means the Tour of Britain and Women’s Tour can be planned more efficiently, with distances automatically measured accurately within the product. These efficiencies have led to an estimated 75% reduction in site visits and a hard cost saving of 8-10k per year in reduced outsourcing of CAD specialists, which presents a 3x ROI by using OnePlan.

Rocket City Fair

Rocket City Fair Event Plan

Rocket City Fair is an annual event located in Huntsville, featuring thrilling rides, tasty treats, Lady Houdini, a petting zoo, live music & more!

Landon Linton, Event Producer, says: “OnePlan has been great! For years I’ve been looking for a tool to lay out our outdoor events, and OnePlan has been the only one that has stuck. The customizable titles, boxes, colors, measurements – everything – help it to be a tool that provides whatever you could need as an event producer.

He continues: “Planning the Rocket City Fair with OnePlan provides a difference that everyone, from the producers and vendors to the artists and patrons, will feel when the event goes live.”

This event plan is a great example of how OnePlan’s crowd management tools can ensure safe crowd flow across your festival site. The use of the crowd area measuring tools allows this event planner to see what the maximum capacity is at their event site, along with the plotting of crowd barriers and fencing to ensure safe crowd flow in and out of the grounds. 

National Cherry Festival

National Cherry Festival Event Plan in OnePlan

The National Cherry Festival, run by The Festival Foundation, is an 8-day festival celebrating all things cherries in Traverse City, MI. Welcoming anywhere from half a million to 600,000 attendees over the 8-day period. It takes 2400 volunteers to make the National Cherry Festival happen!

They said “OnePlan is an amazing platform for our team to explore the new possibilities of planning events and the user-friendly software saves so much time in designing our layouts. I would recommend this software to any large-scale event companies looking for the next best layout software on the market today. 10 out of 10 experience!”

We love the precise planning of picnic tables in this event plan, along with the plotting of crowd barriers to keep their attendees safe!

The Great Fair of Shalford

Great Fair of Shalford Event Plan

The picturesque village, located just outside Guildford in the UK, was given a charter by King John (1199 – 1216) over 800 years ago to host a fair, and still to this day hosts the local community’s Great Fair of Shalford. 

The fair has now been given a new lease of life by Frank Ago, owner of the ever popular Snooty Fox cafe. Frank is a self-confessed amateur when it comes to event planning, and has been able to save time and manage his 60+ vendors efficiently thanks to OnePlan. 

The Great Fair consists of three stages playing live music, a funfair with ferris wheel, dog show, farmers’ market, classic cars, as well as a large food and drink area with multiple beer and gin bars. 

Frank says: “OnePlan has made my planning of this Fair so quick. I put aside two evenings for it and I’ve got a thorough plan in place, that I can download and share with whoever I need. I’m not a computer specialist and it’s hard to plan an event just in spreadsheets.

“I love OnePlan because it makes it so easy for me to plan visually on a map and still have all that event data.”

With the event plan created, Frank was able to create a public facing map to use in pre-event marketing and printed as a big guide at the fair itself. To do this, he used OnePlan’s Public Map service which easily converted his event plan to an external map for attendees. 

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