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Event Calculators & Smart Tools

Our calculators help planners transform complex tasks into manageable steps, paving the way for a smoothly run, memorable event.

Number of Toilets Calculator

Explore our latest online tool to effortlessly calculate the number of toilets your event requires. Based on industry standards and guidelines, ensuring both comfort and compliance, simplify the process of determining how many toilets your event requires in just a few easy steps.

Toilet calculator

Campsite Capacity Calculator

OnePlan’s camping calculator, developed using The Purple Guide, serves as a valuable guide for planning campsites based on tent footprints and density levels. This tool ensures optimal space utilization, easy navigation, and adherence to industry guidelines.

Existing Parking Allocation tool

This tool enables you to efficiently count and allocate parking spaces to specific client groups, taking into account the crucial aspect of accessible parking requirements.

By using this feature, you can ensure that your event caters to the diverse needs of your attendees while complying with accessibility regulations.

Shuttle (Loop) Service Planning Calculator

Designed to help you plan and schedule shuttle services for high-demand routes. With this tool, you can calculate the number of vehicles needed to maintain a consistent and reliable transport service based on a loop time.

The calculator ensures that the route returns to its point of origin, providing a smooth and efficient transportation experience for festival-goers.

Crowd Capacity Calculator

OnePlan’s crowd management features include capacity calculators where you can chart or map out a precise area and it will calculate the capacity allowed. You’re even able to change density, from 1 person per square meter to 5.

Crowd Flow Model Calculator

Our built-in crowd flow calculator lets you define how attendees will arrive at your event. It uses predicted arrival profiles,  the amount of physical space to allow for lines and queues, as well as the number of entrances and regional authority recommended social distancing guidelines.

This provides robust data to support planning for safe entrance operations at any venue.

Safety Evacuation Calculator

Model your crowd size and how much time it will safely take to evacuate in case of emergency. Produce precise and professional site and operational plans to share with key stakeholders, to give police, fire, medical and government teams with the detail they need to support your event.

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