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Calculate the Number of Toilets Needed for an Event

Portable restroom

No matter what you call them—port-a-potties, portable restrooms, or simply toilets—these facilities are a crucial part of any successful event. Explore our latest online tool to effortlessly calculate the number of toilets your event requires.

Event Toilet Calculator

The Importance of Adequate Toilet Facilities

For any event, big or small, having enough toilets is crucial for keeping guests happy. Too few toilets can cause long lines and discomfort, ruining the overall experience. As well, many regulatory bodies often have specific requirements for sanitation facilities at events, making adhering to rules another critical consideration.

How OnePlan's Toilet Calculator Works

The toilet calculator simplifies the process of determining how many toilets your event requires. By entering details such as the number of attendees, event duration, and whether you’ll be serving alcohol, the calculator provides an instant recommendation for the number of toilets needed. This tool is based on industry standards and guidelines, ensuring both comfort and compliance.

Best Practices for Event Sanitation

While the toilet calculator is a great starting point, consider these additional tips from our event experts to further enhance guest comfort and sanitation at your event:

  • Location: Place toilets in accessible, yet discreet, areas. Ensure they are well-lit and signposted.
  • Maintenance: Arrange for regular cleaning of toilet facilities throughout the event to maintain hygiene and comfort.
  • Options: Provide a mix of standard and accessible toilet units to cater to all guests, including families and people with disabilities.
  • Extras: Consider amenities such as hand sanitizing stations, mirrors, and additional supplies like toilet paper and hand soap.

Sign up for free with OnePlan and start planning your next event with ease. Whether you need to calculate toilet requirements, map out your event or calculate the amount of people that fit in an area, OnePlan has everything you need to ensure your event is a success.

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