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The simplest way to talk about location

What3Words solves the problem with traditional addresses. When we ask for details about an event location on set, it’s often challenging to describe exactly where a barrier should be or how to access a specific entrance. What3words has divided the world into a grid of 3 meter squares. Each sign, barrier, or staff plotted in OnePlan has a precise and unique location point on your map.


Every item on your map has a precise location

What3Words assigns a precise location to a point on your event map. In OnePlan place any item onto your event plan – sign, barrier, staff or crowd barricade – and you’ll see a unique What3Words address.

Set-up your event in half the time

Making event set up and installation so much easier

Say goodbye to signage or painted tape when installing your event. Send the What3Words address to your crew and they’ll know exactly where infrastructure is located. Share your event plan with crew and it makes it so much easier for them to install signage or cones on set-up day.

🙌 A pinpointed location

Ideal for big events with large venues

What3words has made it quicker and simpler to communicate geographic locations. Using just 3 words, you’re directed to a specific location point, which is especially useful when planning a large event. With What3words, all infrastructure, areas, and staff are instantly linked to specific locations.

“For a site as big as ours, having that pinpointed location with What3Words becomes really useful. To know if you mark a barrier, exactly know where it will go.”

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Jacalyn Morgan

Senior Event Manager

How to use What3Words in OnePlan:

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