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The Event and Site Planning Revolution

Paris 2024 Venue Twin

At OnePlan we’re on a mission to simplify and improve Event site planning. For years event professionals have had to switch between different tools, maps, documents and CADs to plan their events, meaning a process that is overly complicated. OnePlan changes that. 

Our event and site planning platform allows teams and stakeholders to collaborate in just one plan and makes event planning a joy. It’s a real-time, collaborative platform with the world’s best selection of 2D, 3D and aerial maps at your fingertips to choose from.

Event Site Planning just got easier

It’s easy to start. In our event planning studio you can define any location in the world and with Canvas select from over 15 canvas types including satellite and aerial imagery – all regularly updated giving you peace of mind that you’re working from accurate maps.

You can place and move any item and infrastructure you need at your events. From tents and cabins, to fast food vendors, to detailed dot planning and staffing operations. Place and move objects with centimeter accuracy for however you design your event.

Fully Interactive Event Planning in 3D

You can now plan your events in 3D and 3D+ for an awesome new way to visualise how your indoor or outdoor events will actually look. Event site planners can collaborate in full 3D, moving objects and infrastructure as you wish, and with incredibly realistic views of how stadiums, venues and sites will actually look during events. 

You can customise any aspect of your event site for day or night; lighting on or off; in rain or sun; for flooding, evacuation and so much more. You can move objects on different floor levels within a stadium, and move seamlessly through your venue to mirror the live event.


VenueTwin Stadium Exterior

Seating Assessment and Social Distancing Toolkit

And the revolution doesn’t stop there. To cater for the Covid challenges faced by the events industry over the last year, OnePlan’s innovative new tools and technology allow venues to plan for the safe and socially distanced return of fans and event attendees. 

Our Seating Assessment is a bespoke model that enables venues to calculate their maximum occupancy and revenue, whilst preserving social distancing measures. It considers essential factors such as brush past, ticket profiling and seat width, and the model can be run against real-time ticket sales. 

Our Social Distancing Toolkit features entrance and exit calculators, with social distancing measures meaning queue times and concourse areas can be carefully managed, and the effects that peak times, weather conditions and live traffic updates will have on your site. 

optimised stadium capacity

This greatly reduces the need for site visits ahead of major events – meaning significant cost savings, management time savings, and sustainability benefits through reduced travel. We’re supporting International Federations and multi-sport events to help them radically improve their event planning operations, with associated commercial benefits.

Safe and Successful Events

Our innovative technology massively simplifies and improves event and site planning. We’re here to help your next event be safe and successful  – as we have with over 1,000 events in 45 countries, including for Arsenal FC, Brooklyn Nets, Glastonbury Festival and more.

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