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Seating Plan Assessment

Our seating plan tool is used by NBA teams and English Premier League Clubs to maximize venue ticketing revenue and capacity post-covid.

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Optimise ticketing plans for crowd flow

Live events such as sports matches and music concerts, ticketing and planning will involve a whole different mindset when it comes to crowds. OnePlan’s easy-to-use, interactive Seating Assessment tool enables you to optimise for revenue or occupancy, aligned to safety regulations.

Dynamically assess your venue's revised capacity

OnePlan will calculate your venue’s safest adjusted seating capacity using seat size and arrangement, access in and out of rows, and ticket-buying patterns.

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Choose from 100 million possible combinations

Easily add your venue’s seating bowl into OnePlan and our Seating Plan Assessment will recommend the best seating plan for live events at your stadium or arena.

Different sections, different approaches, different goals

Different sections of a venue may require several variations depending on your goals. You may want to achieve maximum occupancy in a priority section closer to the stage or pitch but maximise general admission revenue. OnePlan can do both, without compromising people’s safety.
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The continually adjusting venue seating plan

Our Seating Assessment model can be continually adjusted to take account of actual ticket sales, reactivating the program to ensure that you still optimise the seating capacity while maintaining social distancing requirements.

Optimize your seating plan for safe and successful events

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