3D Venue Twin

Unlock huge operational and commercial benefits with a fully interactive 3D digital twin of your venue.

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Plan your stadium or arena operations in the most advanced, fully interactive 3D solution, with seamless integration in OnePlan.
3D Paris Venue Twin

Seamless integration in OnePlan across 2D, Satellite and 3D Venue Twin

Our Venue Twin solution unlocks new value in your venue. Access your stadium or arena 24/7 within OnePlan, and have seamless integration of your venue planning across 2D, satellite and your 3D Venue Twin. Any changes are instantly shown however you wish to view your venue.

Real-time, interactive and collaborative planning in your 3D Venue Twin

Let your team and partners plan events, and design temporary or permanent infrastructure in your 3D Venue Twin. Plan for any scenario, across different event days, easily and accurately. 

3D Venue Twin Blenheim
Venue Twin stadium exterior

Save time with venue planning automation

Import your existing CAD designs and easily make any changes within your 3D Venue Twin. Give access to colleagues, stakeholders and suppliers, and run customer walk-throughs as if you were actually at your venue.

Create a fully interactive 3D version of your venue

3D Belgrade