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Top 10 Bonfire Night Events in the UK

Plymouth Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is a British tradition celebrated on November 5th each year. It commemorates the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 when Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Bonfire Night is marked with fireworks displays, bonfires, and the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes.

Here are the top 10 Bonfire Night events around the UK!

1. Lewes Bonfire Night

Known for being the biggest Bonfire Night Locations in the UK, Lewes’s extravagant processions and large bonfires don’t disappoint! With around 30 bonfire societies taking the streets of Sussex with marching bands and performers it’s no surprise that this event location is considered a ‘true bonfire experience’. 

2. Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival

The Iconic ‘Ally Pally’ bonfire night includes a German beer festival, dj sets, food stalls, and of course fireworks! It also doubles as a great vantage point looking out towards central London allowing visitors to see fireworks from all over the city. 

Ally Pally Bonfire Night

Photograph: Alexandra Palace Fireworks via Time Out

3. Quex Park Bonfire and Fireworks

This historical site makes for the perfect backdrop for bonfire night as locals gather to watch fireworks. The family-friendly event has two rounds of firework shows, with one early in the evening for children and one in the late night for the party animals. The festivities include carnival rides, food stalls, live music and a bonfire.

Battersea Park Bonfire Night

Photograph: Battersea Park Fireworks/Nathan Dainty via Time Out

4. Battersea Park Fireworks

Join thousands of Londoners at another impressive display, this event features a stunning firework show set to music. The Battersea Power Station along with neighboring restaurants make this location a local hit. You may even consider taking a night cruise from Westminster pier to see the show from the Thames! 

5. Firework and Funfair Race Night

Funfair, horse racing, food stalls, fireworks, oh my! The Newcastle Racecourse bonfire night features a 15-minute music synched firework show with the year’s latest hits and fan favorites. The event opens in the afternoon and is ideal for families who may not want to stay through the evening.  

6. Guilford Lions Firework Fiesta

This community firework event raises money to support the Guilford Lion’s welfare fund and a local mental health charity. There’s something for everyone at this event with an array of multi-cultural food stalls accompanied by live music and entertainers.

Guildford Bonfire Night

Photograph: Guildford Lions Firework Fiesta via Burpham Pages

7. Oldham Edge Bonfire

Known as the ‘Big Bang Bonfire’ and located in one of Manchester’s largest parks, this event features a large bonfire and an impressive fireworks show. The free event makes it easy for everyone to attend and experience the fun.

Bristol Fireworks Fiesta Bonfire Night

Photograph: Bristol Firework Fiesta via Bristol Fireworks Fiesta

8. Bristol Fireworks Fiesta

This event includes a fantastic firework display synchronized with music at Bristol’s central Downs. The iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge adds the perfect backdrop for this spectacular event.

9. Light Up Lancaster

This unique bonfire event brings together international and local participants to showcase their art. Aside from the traditional firework and bonfire display, lights are placed along a trail through the city combined with film, animation, and music.

10. Plymouth Bonfire Night

This annual event takes place at Plymouth Hoe along the waterfront making the views extra special as fireworks illuminate the English Channel and historic Plymouth Sound. The massive bonfire takes several volunteers and a few days to set up, creating a mesmerizing glow for all. 

Plymouth Bonfire Night

Photograph: Plymouth Bonfire Night via Visit Plymouth

No matter where you are in the UK you can enjoy Bonfire Night. Whether it’s the synchronized fireworks displays, live music, funfairs, or the warmth of communal bonfires, these events capture a long-standing tradition that brings communities together in a vibrant and unforgettable manner. 

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