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OnePlan is now free for anyone to plan an event site!

OnePlan is free

We’re excited to share that OnePlan is now free for anyone to plan an event. Whatever you want to plan on a map, you can now do it for free in OnePlan!

Our purpose is to radically improve event planning – to make it simpler and better for anyone designing on a map. Opening up OnePlan to be totally free for one event for everyone is central to this mission, and we’re excited to see what events you’ll plan. 

To get started, simply click here to sign up. You don’t need to add any payment details – just start planning your event!

Plan anything on a map

The beauty of OnePlan is that you can design anything you want on a map. Over 5,000 events have been created on OnePlan – including school fetes, weddings, hot air balloon festivals, beach events, music festivals, triathlons, Premier League and NBA sports, the British Grand Prix and many other major events. 

OnePlan’s functionality is easy for anyone to use. Simply select your location, then place the objects you want from the left-side menu.

There are over 500 objects to choose from in OnePlan to place on your event plan – including fencing and barriers, traffic cones, navigation signs, stages, stewards, fire engines, carousels, food and drink stalls, and so much more. And you can measure all areas and routes accurately – including for social distancing – and with our automated arrival and exit calculators.

Plan your free event

All OnePlan features can be used to plan one free event per user. These short training videos are a great way to learn how to best use the platform. 

OnePlan Founder and CEO Paul Foster says: “Empowering event planners to create better events in a simpler way has always been at the core of OnePlan’s mission. Now this is possible for everyone for free – for whatever type or size of event you’re planning. 

“OnePlan will help you design a safe and successful event – we’re excited to see the amazing events our users will create.”

On our Pricing page you’ll find details of the different packages we provide. To create a second event or to add sub-users, simply upgrade in OnePlan by selecting your preferred package and adding your payment details. Subscriptions can be stopped with a month’s notice. If you have any questions about your existing subscription, please contact [email protected] and one of our team will follow up with you. 

Want to start planning your free event? Simply click here to start! 

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