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Before and After: Better Event Plans with OnePlan

National Cherry Festival

Discover how OnePlan has transformed the planning process for Silverstone, Tour of Britain, SoulFest, and many more.

Silverstone F1 Circuit

OnePlan Real Life

Before OnePlan, UK motor racing venue Silverstone had to juggle between different softwares and out-dated mapping tools. The team was tired of using outdated and expensive planning methods. Jacalyn Morgan, Senior Events Manager at Silverstone, said, “Our plans were only as up-to-date as the last PDF pulled from it.” Fortunately, with OnePlan, our software is always up-to-date and allows planners to make last minute changes.

The color blocks signify where Silverstone measured several parking areas. With our parking area tool, not only can planners measure the area drawn, but it calculates the amount of cars that can fit per square meter. You can change the amount of people per car and choose between one-way or two-way car flows to prepare for ingress and egress routes. 

After switching to OnePlan, James Loveridge, Senior Events Manager at Silverstone, says they see quantifiable benefits: “The team has seen great success using OnePlan for their venue planning, with an estimated 13% ROI, including efficiencies resulting in a 10% reduction in days saved.” OnePlan made all the difference to the Silverstone team as they juggled 9,000  contractors and suppliers.

Learn more about how Silvertone saved time with OnePlan.

Tour of Britain

OnePlan Real Life

SweetSpot, the Tour of Britain event planners, have increased their sustainability efforts, saved time planning, and reduced costs by using OnePlan. The team saved 300 hours from planning their multi-stage event as well as saving site visit time and costs.

SweetSpot’s Finish Director, Rob Kennison, says, “Our calculations show that with 75% less site visits now needed, using OnePlan also cuts our CO2 emissions by 2.2 tonnes per year.” 

OnePlan has streamlined collaboration for SweetSpot with over a hundred contractors and suppliers, including various vendors and stakeholders across numerous organizations.

Check out the full story to see how SweetSpot crossed the finish line using OnePlan. 

"With OnePlan, plans are ready six months in advance, and they’re a ‘living thing’ until the day before the race instead of weeks’ before”

Tour of Britain Logo

Rob Kennison

Finish Director, SweetSpot

National Cherry Festival

OnePlan Real Life

The National Cherry Festival attracts over half a million attendees each year over the eight day event. As the festival grows bigger each year, it was crucial for the event planners to switch to a more sophisticated and user-friendly software. 

With OnePlan, Director of Event Operations, Brett Knaus, was able to easily navigate and onboard his team within one week! He says, “From the precise scaling of all objects to the ease of grouping areas and objects in a detailed excel spreadsheet layout for our vendors and contractors to read, OnePlan truly is a one-of-a-kind company.”

OnePlan allows users to edit object dimensions, calculate crowd capacity, streamline communication with suppliers and vendors, and more!

Read more on how The National Cherry Festival used OnePlan to plan their event. 


OnePlan Real Life

New England’s largest Christian music festival, SoulFest, is planned by a small group of event organizers. After years of using time consuming and outdated methods like Google Maps, Photoshop and Spreadsheets, they made the switch to OnePlan. 

SoulFest’s Associate Producer, Renna Muhieddin, says planning the event took 2 weeks for 3-4 hours per day, plus many late nights. Since using OnePlan, it now takes just 1 hour per day for 1 week. That’s a huge 85% time saving! 

OnePlan’s smart calculators provide you real-time object information in the moment. Measure or drop an object, choose the density and OnePlan calculates the rest! While planning, Renna,  could simply type in the dimensions of a tent and drop it into the map instantly. Talk about a huge time-saver!

Check out more on how Renna and her team saved time with OnePlan. 

“I had almost every single element of our map on the OnePlan platform within two days. It was amazing.”

Renna Muhieddin

Associate Producer, SoulFest

Banbury Town Council

OnePlan Real Life

The Banbury Town Council hosted a Coronation event celebrating King Charles III, boasting over 15,000 attendees. The planning team said, “I love that there are thousands of different items to add onto an event site, and my favourite tool is definitely the crowd barrier one – getting the right number of barriers to different parts of the site has also made me very popular with our operational team too!”

OnePlan makes it easier than ever for event planners to calculate and share their plans. Share your event plan in view-only mode with suppliers and vendors with a click of a button. Additionally, export your plans as a PDF and then share or view on any different device or platform. 

Source all the items in your map with the bill of quantities. Never second guess how many of each element you need while ensuring your vendors have the necessary information.

Learn more about how the Banbury Town Council successfully planned their event in OnePlan. 

Get started planning your next event today with OnePlan.

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