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Bringing Back Visualization in Event Planning with OnePlan

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In the fast-paced world of event planning and venue management, the ability to visualize a space effectively has become a rare commodity. Gone are the days when stakeholders could leisurely absorb the intricacies of a venue or meticulously plan out every detail. 

Today’s reality is one of rushed site visits, blurry photos of pillars—or were they columns?—and hurried sketches that fail to capture the essence of a space. This is where OnePlan steps in, offering new technology and a return to clarity in an industry that’s increasingly clouded by haste and stress.

The Lost Art of Venue Visualization

Not long ago, visualizing a venue was an art form. Planners and clients alike would immerse themselves in the space, understanding its flow and nuances, often spending ample time on location at the venue.

However, the industry’s acceleration has made such luxuries scarce. The result? A landscape where clients struggle to fit square pegs into round holes. Finding themselves constrained by limited perspectives, focusing only on immediate logistical challenges rather than the broader potential of the venue. This tunnel vision, driven by the pressure of looming deadlines, leads to suboptimal use of spaces and missed opportunities for creative and impactful event experiences.

OnePlan: A Beacon of Clarity

OnePlan is a company that deeply understands the core of these challenges events and venues face and offers innovative solutions. With products like OnePlan Studio and VenueTwin, OnePlan doesn’t just bring back the lost art of visualization; it enhances it with 21st-century technology.

By leveraging 2D and 3D planning capabilities, OnePlan provides a collaborative platform that not only streamlines the planning process but also reintroduces the depth and clarity that modern event planning sorely lacks.

Empowering Planners and Clients Alike

OnePlan’s tools are more than just a means to create detailed plans; they empower users to tailor these plans to their specific needs swiftly. In an industry where each client brings a unique set of variables and challenges, this ability to customize and adjust on the fly is invaluable. 

Interactive 3D Venue Models

OnePlan’s interactive 3D models enable clients to virtually navigate venues, helping them visualize various setups and designs in a tangible way.

digital twin sign change in OnePlan Venue Twin
Room set-ups in Venue Twin GIF

Customizable Layouts

The platform’s drag-and-drop functionality allows for swift layout modifications, enabling clients to easily tailor table arrangements, lighting, and decor to bring their vision to life.

Real-Time Collaboration

OnePlan supports real-time collaboration, ensuring that planners, clients, and stakeholders can simultaneously view and adjust plans, fostering effective communication and idea sharing.

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Visual Asset Integration

Clients can integrate visual assets like brand logos and design elements directly into their event layout with OnePlan, enhancing the representation of their brand and vision in the space.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Offering 360-degree virtual walkthroughs, OnePlan allows clients to experience the venue virtually, aiding in a deeper understanding and connection with the space.

It’s not just about reducing the sales cycle; it’s about enhancing the client’s understanding and ensuring they can truly envision themselves within the space.

Sustainability in Visualization

OnePlan’s approach goes beyond mere convenience. It’s a step towards sustainability in an industry notorious for its single-use items and extensive travel. By enabling planners and clients to visualize spaces accurately and conveniently, OnePlan alleviates the unsustainable pressures that have become all too common. Reports estimate that a major sports organization could save up to 1000+ tonnes of CO2 emissions per year with a transition to using OnePlan. 

We’re seeing it already with major sports events. Alain Nguyen, Head of Games IS at Paris 2024, says: “It’s a really useful innovation for the Games, enabling us to save costs and address our environmental challenges. This type of tool and methodology that we are implementing will soon become the standard for organizing major events.”

Whether it’s visualizing the in-construction Intuit Dome for the LA Clippers arena or navigating the complexities of a venue like the London ExCeL Center, OnePlan ensures that every stakeholder—from the planners to venue managers to the authorities—can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

The Future of Event Planning

As we look toward the future, it’s clear that the tools provided by OnePlan aren’t just a sleek new technology; they’re a necessity. In a world where the ability to visualize has become a scarce skill, OnePlan offers a lifeline – bringing clarity, efficiency, and sustainability back to the forefront of event planning.

In conclusion, for an industry caught in the whirlwind of modern-day pressures, OnePlan rekindles the lost art of visualization for venue spaces and paves the way for a more sustainable, collaborative, and successful future in event planning.

Ready to experience the future of venue visualization? Transform the way you plan and visualize your events with OnePlan. Book an your exclusive, no-obligation demo today. Discover how our innovative solution can elevate your event planning to new heights.

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